Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What is the Weather Like for Grand Canyon Rafting Trips on the Colorado River?

We are constantly asked from passengers what the weather will be like on their upcoming rafting trip. Here’s a good average chart:

WEATHER - Temperatures can vary, but the following chart shows average temperatures and precipitation for the months of March through October. The humidity is usually very low. Water temperatures average about 50-60 degrees all summer long. Since water temperatures are cold, you will probably wear your rain gear when running rapids. This is especially true early in the morning, on cloudy days or on early season trips.

Inner Grand Canyon

Average Temperatures and Precipitation


Average High 71 82 92 101 106 103 97 84

Average Low 48 56 63 72 78 75 69 58

Precipitation 0.79 0.47 0.36 0.30 0.84 1.40 0.97 0.65 total inches per month

Need more information? Arizona River Runners can provide you with weather information - Simply CONTACT US and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions as you plan your Arizona rafting trip! Check out our trips this season, they are filling up fast!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

2010 Passengers: Did You Receive Your Trip Information Packet for Your Arizona Rafting Vacation Yet???

If you have booked your Arizona River Runners Rafting trip you should have received your trip packet by now! If you have not received your packet be sure to contact us:

Make sure to fill out and return the “Trip Participation” form! This is a National Park requirement.

We look forward to a great season on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon!

Call us now and get your packet… or else you’ll miss out!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Few Notes About Managing the Water Flow of Glen Canyon Dam / Lake Powell

Here is an interesting article by our friend Rick Clayton and The Bureau of Reclamation. The article talks about the volume of water in Lake Powell, the volume of release, hydrology and drought of the Upper Colorado River Basin:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Arizona River Runners Featured in LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Men's Journal and RyanAir and SkyWest Magazines

Arizona River Runners is featured in the latest publications around the world. Check this out:

"Book It Now" feature in the February issue of Men's Journal... pick-up a copy on your news stand today.

Flying anywhere? Sky West Magazine and RyanAir Magazine both feature Arizona River Runners.

Chicago Tribune features Arizona River Runners in their Travel deals: The cruise edition


A hike and river ride

The "7-Day Motor Powered Trip" by Arizona River Runners kicks off with a 7 1/2 -mile hike from the Grand Canyon's South Rim down to the Colorado River. From there, it's a 138-mile adventure over the water (sometimes calm, sometimes white) with stops to examine spring wildflowers, hike to memorable overlooks, check out side canyons, find hidden waterfalls and marvel at Native American ruins.

Dates: April 8-14

Price: $1,695, including all river and hiking guidance, a 10% early season discount for trips launching before May 15 and transportation to and from nearby Peach Springs, Ariz. Pre- and post-trip transit to Las Vegas is available for $65.

Info: Arizona River Runners, Phoenix; (800) 477-7238,

Monday, February 8, 2010

Great Grand Canyon Rafting Photos Deserve a Photo Contest!

Join the Arizona River Runners monthly video or photo contest! Submit your great Arizona River Runners Rafting adventure photos or video from your Colorado River trip and you could win an ARR prize. Once a month we select a monthly photo contest winner from the photos submitted to our Photo Contest Flickr group. To enter, simply submit your photos or videos to the “ARR Photo/Video Contest Entry” group pool.

Just follow these instructions to join us on Flickr:
1. Find Arizona River Runners at

2. Use your Yahoo! ID to login (If you do not have a Yahoo! Account, you can sign-up for free) and get posting! From the Arizona River Runners Flickr page, click on the photo contest.

3. Click on “Join this group”

Have you booked your trip yet? If not, you need to hurry up because we are filling up fast!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Looking for that perfect Spring 2010 Rafting and Hiking Trip?

We do our absolute best to make your trip with us the absolute best of your life. Whether you have traveled the world or are taking your very first vacation, we want to deliver an unforgettable rafting and hiking experience in Arizona. Below was a letter we received from veteran travelers who shared their experience with us:

Of course the Canyon was spectacular and the weather was absolutely perfect and the food was superb and the whitewater exhilarating, the real treat on this trip was the care, commitment, and passion exhibited by your employees, Pam in reservations and our guides Travis, Kenny, and Chelsea and the countless others behind the scenes.

We have been fortunate to travel worldwide to many exciting and wonderful destinations but the experience is always bet defined by the people who take care of you and the new friends that you make on the journey. From my first call to ARR when I had all my questions answered by Pam I felt that I was in good hands with the people that genuinely cared about their customers. I knew that was the case after meeting our guides, getting our welcome briefing and being the first boats loaded and on the river.

While I knew whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon would be a lifetime experience what I did not expect was to be in the company of Guides whose displayed passion for their work would be so compelling. Our lead, Travis, has an incredible knowledge of both the history and geology and willingly shared his love of the River and Canyon. Even more significant was his engagement and safety of each and every customer on the trip. Kenny was an encyclopedia of geological history and led us on some incredible hikes taking the time to show us many details of ancient life and Canyon formation. He is not only one of the most personable and gracious people I have ever met but also one of the hardest working. Chelsea was the perfect complement to these two guys. She worked harder than any two guys and probably would have done all the work if Travis and Kenny let her. But that was not the case…these three operated as a team with a common goal…to share their home in the Canyon and passion for their work. The fact that all three played guitar and sang every evening was a wonderful bonus!

I know that none of this would be possible without the commitment and dedication of a management team that has truly broken the code…hire the best employees, operate with quality equipment, and recognize there is no substitute for passionate customer service. I thank you and all of your team for a truly perfect vacation.
-Gordon & Gail -- Peachtree City, GA

Take advantage of our April 2010 “Hikers Special” by going to to and clicking on “Browse Our Specials”, or call 1-800-477-7238 for the adventure of a lifetime!