Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blooming Flowers and Arizona River Runners

What do blooming flowers and rafting the Grand Canyon have to do with each other? Arizona River Runners is offering specials in May that will give you the opportunity to see Canyon flowers in bloom! Did you know there are about 1737 known species of vascular plants (such as ferns, flowering plants, conifers, clubmosses and other gymnosperms), 167 species of fungi, 64 species of moss and 195 species of lichen that are found in Grand Canyon National Park? The park is home to the rare Tusayan Flamethrower, with approximately 1000 plants identified in 10 small populations; and the park has one Federally-listed endangered species called the sentry milkvetch, a perennial mat-forming herb.

Wouldn’t it be “grand” to see some of these unique and strange plants?

ARR has some unique specials to help you do just that! Click here to find your May trip or call 1-800-477-7238!

Monday, March 29, 2010

River Fashionista Tips from Arizona River Runners – Function Follows Fashion!

So you are heading out on a rafting trip and are wondering what to wear. We all want to look great in those vacation photos (check these out and post your own on Flickr), so here are some head-to-toe tips for packing light and staying comfortable throughout your ARR experience.

You will be out in the sun. That means you may want to wear a hat, especially if you are follically challenged. But even for those with a full head of hair, a brim helps keep the sun out of your eyes. Your hat should have a strap, because you don't want to lose it if the water gets wild or the wind kicks up.

Quick-drying nylon shorts and bathing suits are great, but being out in the sun means you'll need protection for your skin. Nylon pants and a light nylon, cotton or quick-drying long sleeved shirt are great for layering in case you start to burn.

For cooler times and rainy weather, a lightweight fleece or fleece lined will help you keep cozy. Rain gear is a MUST! Look for quality pieces that are waterproof, not just water resistant. The point is to stay dry! Pants and jackets with elastic cuffs at the ankle and sleeve work best. A jacket with a hood will keep you much dryer than a poncho, and really a jacket is so much more fashionable. Ponchos are so last year.

Bring two pairs of shoes - it's nice to have dry feet in camp, and you'll need to wear shoes on the raft, which will get wet. Tennis/athletic shoes are recommended, and you can bring sturdy sports sandals with heel straps (no flip flops). Red Rock Outfitters has some great options. Think Teva, Chaco, Merrill - you know outdoorsy. This is the Grand Canyon we're talking about! Socks are nice for camp, and also if you develop sore spots from any of your shoes. In any case, try to bring shoes that are already broken in and comfy.

Don't be tempted to wear a different outfit in every photo. Really! Everyone will be wearing the same thing more than once, getting sand on their stuff, and hanging things out to dry. It's just the way we roll. Pack light in a soft gym-type bag and we'll pack it into our waterproof bags before we head out.

Once you're signed up for a trip, we'll send you a complete packing list. If you want to get a sneak peek of the best in river fashion, check out Red Rock Outfitters.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee with Arizona River Runners

After an exhilarating day on the water, songs around the campfire and a great night's sleep under the stars, what's better than waking up to the invigorating smell of a delicious cup of coffee? On a Colorado River rafting trip with Arizona River Runners that is exactly what you'll get - fresh brewed, great tasting coffee. We serve only the best - Toucanet Coffee. Toucanet Coffees are hand-crafted quality, organic, single-source, shade-grown varieties from the tropics of three continents. Bird friendly coffee beans are sought out from farms in Africa, Asia and Latin America, which support nature and protect the environment. Toucanet coffees carry the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center Bird Friendly certification; supports fair trade products, and Women Coffee Producers. Toucanet Coffee is locally owned in Flagstaff, AZ. Arizona River Runners is delighted to serve this rich tasting, full-bodied coffee on all our Grand Canyon rafting vacations.

Monday, March 22, 2010

6 Day Grand Canyon Whitewater Rafting Trip with Arizona River Runners

Here is what Katie M. of Cleveland Tennessee had to say about her 6 Day Grand Canyon Adventure:

"I found it (the trip) far more enjoyable than I had imagined. There are not enough words to describe those guys (the guides). They are on point and then they took it to the next level!"

Regarding the food, "This section of the trip far exceeded my expectations...quite the culinary geniuses!"

Kaite M. Cleveland, TN. August 28th, 2009

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Arizona River Runners Early Season Trip Information!

Because you trip is earlier in the season of our Grand Canyon rafting trips, we would like to suggest a few additional clothing items. The weather at this time is usually very pleasant, but we always have the slightest possibility of a late storm moving through the area. If this occurs, these additional items will come in very handy. We strongly suggest you bring them, and then be happy when you don't have to use them!
  • Polypropylene or Capilene long underwear (tops and bottoms) - you can get these pretty much anywhere, major retailers, camping or sporting goods stores
  • Wool hat - just an old ski cap will do.
  • Wool or Polypropylene socks
  • Gloves - wool gloves are good. You might also consider another pair of gloves to wear on the raft. There are neoprene gloves that are water resistant, again major retailers, sporting and camping stores should carry a pair of these for under $25.
  • A pair of fleece pants are also helpful.
The layered clothing approach works well if it gets cold. The long underwear followed by fleece pants, fleece sweater or warm jacket and the good quality rain gear as the last main layer will work well. With the addition of the hat and gloves, you should be set for any weather conditions!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Grand Canyon River Outfitters Support Conservation Fund

Arizona River Runners is one of the fourteen licensed Grand Canyon National Park’s river outfitters that have managed the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund, a non-profit enterprise established in 1988. Each year, approximately eighty percent of all passengers on professionally outfitted Grand Canyon river trips donate $1 per day of their river trip to the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund. This money is then awarded in the form of grants to non-profit conservation groups, as well as groups working to provide outdoor experiences for those with physical and socioeconomic challenges. Organizations like the Grand Canyon Trust are working hard to protect the Canyon and its natural beauty, while other groups like River of Dreams help provide river trip scholarship assistance to the disabled. Grand Canyon Youth’s mission is to give teens an experiential education along the rivers and canyons of the Southwest while promoting environmental awareness, community involvement, personal growth, and teamwork among people with diverse backgrounds and the Peregrine Fund is committed to the reintroduction and protection of the California Condor through their efforts at their Vermillion Cliffs site in Northern Arizona.

Managed by volunteers for over 20 years, the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund makes sure that 100 percent of donations go directly to the effort of protecting and conserving the Grand Canyon and providing access to those who would otherwise not be able to share in the Grand Canyon river experience. In the past 13 years, the involved river outfitters have raised over $1,000,000 in donations which has been awarded to these and other non-profit organizations in the form of grants. A lot of care and attention goes into choosing the groups to receive these funds and each individual grant generally ranges anywhere from $5,000- $20,000.

One of the most exciting new projects that the GCCF is becoming involved in is the potential of a Grand Canyon River Heritage Museum to be located at the South Rim. Participating outfitters are currently working with the Grand Canyon Association to determine the feasibility of converting the historic laundry building, located within walking distance to the rim, into this new proposed museum which will tell the history of rafting the Grand Canyon.

All of the non-profit public interest organizations involved with the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund are working hard in an effort to continue to spread awareness, education and conservation in the Canyon. Anyone can help make a difference and all donations are fully tax deductible as charitable giving. Each person to donate as little as $1 is helping to preserve one of the world’s natural wonders and is giving people an opportunity to experience that which they might otherwise never be able to.

Please visit for more information or to make a donation.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What to Expect on Your Arizona River Runners Colorado River Rafting Trip

Whether you’ve just booked your first rafting trip or you’re still in the process of thinking about it, you’re probably wondering what to expect on an Arizona River Runners trip. Here are some tips to prepare you for the adventure of a lifetime.

We ask that all of our guest arrive in Las Vegas one day prior to their trip. We suggest you stay at the Desert Rose Resort and take advantage of the special rates, luggage storage, and parking that are offered. You’ll get to choose from a comfortable one or two bedroom suite with a private patio and balcony, fully equipped kitchen, and relaxing living and dining area. Try to get to bed early, though, because you’ve got a busy day ahead.

On day one of your adventure, we’ll wake up early and fly out to Marble Canyon, Arizona after breakfast. Here, a river guide will meet you and help you pack up your gear before heading out to the launch point at Lee’s Ferry. Then get ready to hit the river where the real fun begins!
During days 1 through 5, you will be traveling 190 river miles on your river journey through the canyon. Be prepared to see the uniquely beautiful plants, animals, and awe-inspiring geologic formations the Canyon has to offer.

Our skilled and knowledgeable guides will take you on an exciting ride down the Colorado River where you can expect to get wet from the spray of the rapids. Because the river water is always cold, you will want to have your rain gear packed and ready. You’ll also get a chance to swim in many of the side-canyon streams.

Each day, you will explore the canyon with mid-morning and mid-afternoon stops or hikes. These on-land adventures are optional, but you’ll enjoy the trip more if you prepare with a little walking or light exercise and take part in exploring the natural wildlife and beauty within the canyon. The Grand Canyon is a very friendly place to camp and most trips will thrill to the sight of Desert Big Horn Sheep and a variety of exotic canyon birds!

Also during your trip, you can expect nutritious and expertly prepared meals ranging from eggs or pancakes in the morning to salads, steaks, and international foods served at dinner – and don’t forget dessert! Remember you’ll be spending a fun and action-packed day out on the river, so you’ll really work up an appetite. With every meal you’ll get a chance to relax and share stories and experiences with others. You’ll get to know your river crew and make new friends with the other guests.

Arizona River Runners is dedicated to making this an amazing experience for all involved. Our guests have said that “the guides were truly phenomenal,” and “The rapids, hikes, stories, meals, and company were experiences we will remember forever!”

Join us for an incredible vacation! Check out our Hiker's Special, unique trips starting in April! Call 1-800-477-7238 for reservations!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Day on the Job with a Grand Canyon River Guide

If you had chosen the career of a river guide, you just might think that you have the best job in the world. So, what makes the job of a Grand Canyon river guide so much better than your Average Joe’s everyday gig? You will probably need to spend a week in the Canyon with one of river guide to find out. After taking part in a Arizona River Runners’ rafting adventure on the Colorado River you’ll have no problem understanding why river guides love to go to work everyday. Compare a day in their “office” to a day in yours:

Guides in the Grand Canyon start their day with coffee and breakfast in the majestic setting of one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world. They’re not fighting traffic, and it’s easy to see how starting your day floating through the morning calm of this breathtaking river feeds your soul instead of draining it. You get a sense of your part in the natural world, and how inspiring that world really is.

No fluorescent lighting for river guides, and forget about staring at the glare of a computer screen or those tired old memos from the boss posted on your cubicle walls throughout the day. These guides enjoy the ever changing scenery, experienced from the Colorado River vantage point that many people will never see.

No ringing phones, overflowing inboxes, expense reports and sorting e-mail spam. There’s a rhythm to the days, but rafting trips are far from routine. Every bend in the river brings a fresh perspective and the chance to experience something new all over again – you might be facing the adrenaline pumping rush of whitewater rapids, or the chance to float lazily for a while and take in the scenery of afternoon clouds contrasting against the blue sky and Canyon walls.

Been doing the same ol’, same ol’ on the job for years? River trips are fantastic learning experiences. Arizona River Runners guides come from a wide variety of backgrounds, all with a passion for the river that has allowed them to soak up a wealth of knowledge and some pretty incredible stories that they will share throughout the trip. Ask them questions and take in as much as you can. From learning to read river conditions and practicing environmentally responsible camping techniques to Grand Canyon history and folklore, these river guides will keep you informed every step of the way.

On a rafting trip, you’ll experience teamwork and bond with the others on your trip in a way you’ll probably never see in the office. The river serves up challenges and rewards throughout the days to enjoy with your new “co-workers”. No gossip in the breakroom, no competition for the big promotion. These trips develop teams led by some of the most knowledgeable guides in the business, successfully navigating the challenges of some of the biggest whitewater in the North America. You just might develop a new definition for the word “success” after sharing some time in their workplace.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Join the Arizona River Runners Social Media Community!

Would you like to be part of our online community? If so, here are a few great ways to join the Arizona River Runners community online:


Find us at and become a fan!

Share Your Pictures and Meet New Friends

We know you’ll want to share your photos after your adventure, so here is how you can easily talk to your new friends after you are out on the Grand Canyon”

1. Find Arizona River Runners at

2. From the Arizona River Runners Flickr page, click on the group that corresponds to your trip date

3. Click on “Join this group”

4. Use your Yahoo! ID to login (If you do not have a Yahoo! Account, you can sign-up for free) and get posting!

Also, watch for the upcoming “ARR Photo/Video Contest Entry” group to enter a favorite photo or video into the contest! Enjoy your vacation in the Grand Canyon! Also, watch for the upcoming “ARR Photo/Video Contest Entry” group to enter a favorite photo or video into the contest! Enjoy your vacation in the Grand Canyon!

Remember our Hiker's Specials are filling up fast. Don't miss this chance to experience the Canyon in the spring, it's so green and vibrant. These trips give you an opportunity to explore more of the Canyon off the river, with breath taking viewpoints and ungorgettable side stream hikes. Call us at 1-800-477-7238 to book your spring adventure today!

*Notice privacy settings on ARR Flickr groups are set to allow public viewing of photos

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Flushing Out the Facts About the Toilet on a Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

A Room With a View

You may be wondering how our trip participants go to the bathroom – it is a very common question that we get asked. You have nothing to worry about when you come on one of our awesome trips because we provide you with a safe and clean place to go to the bathroom. The toilet is always the first thing that is set up in camp and the last thing loaded back on the boat when we leave – we even have a special key system to ensure your privacy. Our guides will give you a full explanation of everything to guarantee a pleasant experience.

Personal hygiene and sanitation are a big concern. To address this issue, there are two mandatory hand-wash systems set up in camp.

Don’t worry too much, Arizona River Runners takes care of all your personal needs. Call us for more intimate details: 1-800-477-7238