Monday, November 26, 2012



 APRIL TRIP OPTIONS: (click for details)
12-day Motor Powered - Full Canyon Trip  $2,695.00
6-day Motor Powered - Upper Canyon (required hike-out)  $1,295.00
7-day Motor Powered - Lower Canyon (required hike-in)  $1,695.00

**New for 2013**
 MAY TRIP: (click for details)
10-day Motor Powered - Full Canyon Trip  $2,695.00

You will enjoy extra time each day for extended hiking adventures and the Spring bloom of the Canyon. The temperatures are milder, there are fewer trips and people in the Canyon and because the Colorado River water is released from Lake Powell there is a consistent flow of clear water. 

If you get to raft the Grand Canyon with us, we think you'll agree with
Yahoo Travel's January 2012 featured article 
that listed Grand Canyon rafting as the #1 trip 
and Arizona River Runners as the featured company.

Ask us about group pricing for 10 or more traveling together.
(excludes all 3-day Escape trips and Early Season discounts and specials.)
Consider a 2013 Grand Canyon rafting adventure for your next family reunion, team building retreat or friends get-a-way!

Call 1-800-477-7238 to check availability and make your reservation.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Arizona River Runners Great Spring Break Getaways

Yes Arizona River Runners does have great Spring Break Getaways - says so!

"River rafting might seem more like an adventure than an education—but all the best learning has a basis in fun. This Grand Canyon rafting trip provides a rare opportunity to be a guest in harsh environment that supports over 1,500 plant species, 300 types of birds, and 80 different mammals. While you journey through the canyon your guides will point out the geology of ever-changing landscape and talk about the regions rich human history. " (From

We have some great trips for April, from our 6 & 7 Day whitewater trips, to the 12 Day Hiker's Special. All of our Grand Canyon raft trips are all-inclusive, you pack your clothes and "necessities"- we pack the rest - all the food, drinks (non-alcoholic only), snacks, camping and rafting equipment.

You will enjoy the Canyon in a whole new way as the Spring bloom adds even more color and beauty to an already amazing landscape. All three trip types will allow you more time for additional side canyon hiking and discovery in the milder temperatures of April. Average day time highs range in the mid-80’s and night time lows in the mid-50’s. Some additional physical conditioning is required for the mandatory 7.5 mile hike in or out on the 6 and 7-day trips. (NOTE: This is the only time we will offer these three trip-types during the 2011 season.)

For your Arizona rafting vacation, call Arizona River Runners at 1-800-477-7238!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arizona River Runners Wants You to Know...

The Arizona Office of Tourism has announced the 2011 Arizona Official State Visitor's Guide will now be available to consumers at no charge. This informative guide provides a wealth of information to visitors, and residents alike. Information on Arizona's history, golf courses, arts and culture, resorts and spas, dining and shopping, and so much more. It has information on camping and recreation, fun family adventures, including Grand Canyon rafting vacations ! It encourages and entertains readers to discover what this great state has to offer as a premier vacation destination. Get a copy today for your wonderful Arizona vacation.

To obtain a complimentary copy of The Arizona Office of Tourism's Official State Visitor's Guide log on to, or call the Arizona Office of Tourism at 866-298-3312.

(From Arizona Highways "A New Guide to the Grand Canyon State")

Experience the vacation adventure of a lifetime on an Arizona River Runners rafting trip. Since 1970 we have provided complete Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trips. Whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon offers a unique view of one of the most popular natural wonders of the world. Arizona River Runners has grown to be one of the most innovative, and well-respected outfitters operating in the Grand Canyon. Call us at 1-800-477-7238, we'd love to see you venture down the Colorado!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Arizona River Runners 13 Day Oar Trip

This 13 Day adventure travels 225 miles through the Grand Canyon in our oar powered rafts; it is our longest trip whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon. The trip starts in Marble Canyon, AZ or Las Vegas, NV if you use our optional transportation package.

The 13 Day Grand Canyon Oar trip offers the most intimate river experience. Our oar-powered boats take 4 passengers at a time on the ultimate river rafting experience, combined with abundant time for side-canyon exploration and bonding with the natural grandeur of the canyon. This is the closest thing to reliving the pioneering trip of John Wesley Powell. (It doesn't get any better than this!)

You "shoot" through famous rapids such as House Rock, Hance, Horn, Hermit, Crystal, and Lava Falls. Some off river explorations might include Redwall Cavern, Elves Chasm, Deer Creek Falls, The Little Colorado, and Havasau Creek among other breath-taking excursions. Late afternoon you set up camp, relax and share stories with your new friends about each day’s adventures. As the sun sets over the mighty walls of the Canyon, you are ready for a good night’s rest under the starry sky

Your trip ends on the 13th morning at Diamond Creek with transportation to nearby Peach Springs, AZ. You can arrange your own transportation from there or our optional ground transportation will return you to Las Vegas, NV.

For rates and dates on Arizona River Runners 13 Day Oar trip or any of our many other Colorado River trips, call us at 800-477-7238.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Arizona River Runners 6 Day Oar Trip

Arizona River Runners 6-day oar trip starts when you arrive at Marble Canyon, AZ. It takes you whitewater rafting through 87 miles of the Grand Canyon and is perfect for those wanting a shorter oar-powered trip with more hiking. Experiences are limitless on these Grand Canyon raft trips; take time to explore the side canyons, listen to stories, make new friendships, and revel in the inspiring views of this natural wonder. The majesty of the canyon, combined with the excitement and anticipation of running the rapids make for a memorable Arizona rafting vacation. The final morning of this amazing trip brings you to Phantom Ranch, to begin your ascent to the South Rim.

It is important that you exercise and prepare for this 9-mile hike out of the Canyon. It is not necessary to be a triathlete, but good health and sufficient energy are highly suggested.

Call Arizona River Runners for your Grand Canyon Oar Trip 1-800-477-7238!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arizona River Runners 3 Day Escape

Our 3 Day Escape has become a favorite for those who are looking for a shorter but exciting river rafting adventure. Your Colorado River trip begins in Las Vegas, NV with a scenic flight to the Bar-10 Ranch on the Arizona Strip (north rim of the Grand Canyon). At the ranch to can go horseback riding, take an ATV tour, or just relax in the peaceful setting and take in the beautiful sights.
The next morning you will be helicoptered down to the Canyon floor where you will explore the lower section of the Canyon for the next day and a half. Whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon is indescribable - the water, the views, the canyon walls. You "shoot" the rapids, travel calm waters and go on off river hikes. The food on the trip is delicious and filling! Our guides have drinks, treats and fruit on the raft for snacking during the day. In the evening, the sky is filled with stars, you will fall asleep trying to count them all!
On the afternoon of the third day, after a 45 minute speed boat ride, you go to Lake Mead and then back to Las Vegas via air-conditioned motor coach.
Maybe after the 3 Day rafting trip, you'll be ready for one of our 6 Day family rafting trips!
Call Arizona River Runners at 1-800-313-0017 for your adventure of a lifetime!

Monday, January 24, 2011

How (NOT What) To Pack for Your Arizona River Runners Raft Trip

When you make your reservation for a Grand Canyon raft trip with Arizona River Runners they will help you to get ready for your upcoming adventure. You can ask lots of questions and people (yes, live humans) will talk with you and make sure you understand things so that you can pack what you need.

I'm not going to address WHAT to pack right now but, instead, HOW to pack.

Here's the are coming from point A, maybe in a car, maybe on a plane, maybe with extra days before or after your Colorado River trip. That's all up to you. Let's focus here on your rafting needs. If you are flying to Las Vegas before your trip make sure you carry on your river duffel bag on the plane. DO NOT CHECK IT. It can be a real last minute challenge to find all your river gear if the airline happens to lose your bag.

ARR will provide you with 2 waterproof dry bags for your raft trip. One smaller dry bag (7" diameter x 14" deep), is for you to keep with you during the daytime. You will pack sunscreen, camera, rain gear...things that you will have access to all day long. Bring a couple of carabiners too. They make it easy to clip and un-clip your bag to the boat straps and to use in camp to keep your stuff together. The other larger dry bag will hold your duffel bag with everything else of yours, including all of your sleeping stuff, which Arizona River Runners provides. The large dry bag will be wrapped up and stowed away all day long. You will have access to this at camp each night.

You may leave home with other, major luggage pieces but when you head for the yourself a favor. (1) Pack light, and (2) bring your personal things in a soft duffel kind of bag no larger than 24" x 12" x 12"(no rigid suitcases please). Just slide the whole thing into your dry bag and you're good to go. I've even seen people use black trash bags instead of luggage. It's not a bad way to go

One, final thought....on any trip that you FLY (not all raft trips do this but many do) back to where you started your Grand Canyon adventure, you will need ID. Just like any other air carrier, ID is required. So stash that with your duffel bag and it will be ready and waiting.

Like most things, getting situated may be challenging but you will get the hang of it pretty quickly. Arizona River Runners is here to help you with your Grand Canyon rafting adventure. Like I said earlier, a real, live human being will answer all your questions about whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon. Call us, were waiting for you! 1-800-477-7238.