Monday, November 29, 2010

America Outdoors and Grand Canyon Rafting with Arizona River Runners

Arizona River Runners is a member of America Outdoors Association. This is a national organization made up of companies and people that do private business on public lands. Land designated as National Parks, Bureau of Land Reclamation and National Forest for examples. Arizona River Runners provides all-inclusive rafting trips within Grand Canyon National Park.

America Outdoors Association (AO) serves individual companies' interests in many ways. They provide awareness of issues on the federal level. AO has a lobbyist in Washington with outfitters' interests in mind. AO holds an annual convention where people who do similar business can network. This convention has learning opportunities through seminars and demonstrations. There is also a large market where equipment and services that are relevant to this industry are on display. Relevant products and wares are available for order. Insurance companies and computer companies are present and willing to explain, teach and show the new concepts and ideas coming to market that are useful on many levels of our businesses, including whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Some AO members are ranchers, horse people, hunters, hikers and, of course....river runners. Some do business in a boat, astride a horse, or on a 4-wheel vehicle. There is a wide diversity within the group. They are naturalists and outdoors people by nature who are trying to make a successful business of their love of nature.

All these businesses explore, appreciate and want to preserve the great natural wonders that we have. AO helps individual companies to balance the demands of running a safe and profitable business with the preservation and appreciation of nature.

Our public lands are important to us and they must be preserved and protected. They are not to be closed off to us, but access should be with the utmost respect and reverence for their condition and continued well being.

Parks should not be set aside like your Mom's fancy dishes. They are to be respectfully enjoyed, appreciated and loved. AO help us at Arizona River Runners and you to do those things.

Arizona River Runners is proud to be a member of AO, and support organizations that protect our environment. We are nature lovers, adventurists and we love people.

For our Grand Canyon rafting packages call us at 1-800-477-7238. We would love to take you on a guided river rafting tour through the Grand Canyon.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Plan a Family Rafting Vacation with Your Adult Children and Arizona River Runners

Your kids can be adventurous travel companions who are willing to try new things, and are hungry for physical activity and education. Arizona River Runners has a variety of family rafting trips with adventure written all over!

Remember when the kids were little, and family vacations sometimes seemed like more of a hassle than the fun and relaxing holidays they were supposed to be? First you had to pack for you, then for the kids, then load them into the car with a big bag of distractions, and bear the repeated annoyances of “are we there yet?” only to arrive at Lego Land or Disney World to wait hours in line and spend buckets of money on bottled water and Mickey ears.

Now that the kids are more grown up, things might seem a little easier. Don’t think that just because the kids are all adults means you have to give up those fun-filled family vacations. The empty nest syndrome can be rough for a lot of parents, but leaving the nest can be just as hard sometimes. It might surprise you that most kids would be happy to relish in old times, and spend some quality time traveling with their parents.

Besides, now that they’re older, your kids can be adventurous travel companions who are willing to try new things, and are hungry for physical activity and education. Why not bring them out on a Colorado River trip? Rafting through the Grand Canyon with outfitters like Arizona River Runners provide tons of boat-rocking rapids to help keep the excitement up, along with lots of fascinating information on the Canyon’s history and ecology. Arizona River Runners has family rafting trips with adventure written all over!

Along the way, you’ll get to experience the Canyon both on the water and off with a variety of side canyon hikes, hidden waterfalls and cool swimming spots. The Canyon is known for its unique environment and breathtaking geography, so you’ll be sure to find something fun to explore. Don’t worry, you’ll have some down time each day with delicious full course meals provided by the Arizona River Runners’ crew.

Your Grand Canyon rafting trip doesn’t even have to mark a milestone like a graduation or a job promotion; bringing your adult kids out on a river trip can simply be an opportunity to share in an exciting experience with a loved one. Kicking back at the campsite is the perfect opportunity to catch up and stay connected with your kids. You’ll be able to recount stories and share experiences with one another while enjoying the beautiful setting of the Grand Canyon.

You’ll also be surrounded by other people who share in similar interests, so your Colorado River trip can be a great opportunity for both you and your children to make some new friends. Our guides, especially, have some incredible stories about their own experiences whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon, and they’re always happy to share.

Now that the family is together for the holiday - go online and take a look at our trips! You will be pleasantly surprised at our all-inclusive rates. Book your "grown-up" family rafting trip with Arizona River Runners, it will be the adventure of a lifetime -an unforgettable adventure! You’ll travel over one hundred plus river miles down the Colorado River and have the opportunity to share in the experience of a lifetime with your kids, all while rafting, swimming, hiking, and camping in one of the most amazing “Natural Wonders of the World.” It’s the family vacation they’ll never forget, and best of all – there are no lines! Call us now at 1-800-477-7238!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Arizona River Runners ~ Grand Canyon Rafting Myth Busters!

Seems lots of people have some preconceived ideas about rafting in the Grand Canyon. I have to make reservations a year in advance. I have to hike into the Grand Canyon to get on the raft. I have to hike out of the Grand Canyon. I have to be super strong and agile. I need a bunch of special equipment…Arizona River Runners will bust these myths one at a time.

Q. Do I have to make reservations a year in advance?

A. If you have a bunch of people that want to go together, and you only have one time slot that works for your group, you should reserve your space as far in advance as possible. But if you are 1, 2, 3, or 4 people and you are somewhat flexible with your timing, you do not have to reserve a year ahead to get a spot. There are lots of openings throughout the entire season. The earlier you call Arizona River Runners about your trip reservation, the more choices you will have. As the year progresses, the schedule fills in and there are fewer openings for you to choose from. Some people have been known to jump on at the very last minute because they are filling a late cancellation. You never know what is available until you call.

Q. Do I have to hike in to get on the raft trip?

A. The majority of Arizona River Runners' trips do not involve hiking in or out. Most rafting trips launch at Lee's Ferry where you simply climb onto the boat and head downstream - no hiking. A few of our trips include hiking in or out of the canyon. Those that take these rafting trips will be accompanied by a hiking escort to ensure your safety.

Q. Do I have to be super strong and agile to enjoy rafting through the Grand Canyon?

A. You do not have to be the ultimate specimen of fitness to enjoy a Grand Canyon Raft trip. It can be challenging at times, but it does not require you to be unusually strong or agile. Everyday people go on these trips and have the time of their life...."a trip of a lifetime" is a common description. Even if you have specific medical, physical or dietary needs, ARR can easily deal with many of these things to keep you at your best and allow you to experience white water rafting in the Grand Canyon.

Q. Do I need a bunch of special equipment?

A. Nope! You bring your personal gear and Arizona River Runners provides all your camping and river gear: sleeping bag, pillow, sheet, tarp, tent, cot, paco pad, chair, travel mug, plate, utensils, life jacket, dry bags, all that stuff! Food and drinks are provided as well.

So... there are just a few myths busted! It's really easy to go on a Colorado River trip. Call Arizona River Runners (1-800-477-7238) and ask all the questions you want or need to about our family rafting trips. Don't hang up until you have it all figured out! Dates and rates for the 2011 season are on our website at Don’t hesitate, check out our Grand Canyon rafting adventures now!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rafting The Grand Canyon in Comfort ~ Arizona River Runners Style

Riding the waves on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is certainly exhilarating. It's active, exciting and it's Mother Nature's display of raw power and beauty. Certainly it is wet. It is wet from all directions. Sometimes the skies open and drench you. Sometimes the river lures you down and crushes you with huge torrents of water. The water is playful, cold and powerful. The sun can graciously warm you up or mercilessly bake you and burn you. The clouds can protect you or reveal the warmth of the sun you crave. Every one of your senses will be on high alert during your time in the wilderness rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Arizona River Runners can provide a trip of a lifetime within this superb display of nature. We have the expertise, the guides and all the equipment you'll need, not only to survive, but to relish your part in the river dance.

Our rafts have cushioned seats. The duffel pile makes a great seat back and supports your back. The rafts are custom built with plenty of storage (so you can eat like a king) and provide lots of comfy options for you to sit. The boxes are cushioned so that you can think about other things besides your tush on your whitewater rafting trip!

When you get to camp everybody can enjoy a chair. On motor trips, you'll be able to sleep on a cot. Oar rigs have less stowage space. They still enjoy chairs and inflatable paco pads for sleeping. The toilet setup is very comfy....probably looks just like your seat at home but has a much better view.

We've got roomy tents for everybody that wants one. They are easy to assemble even for non-campers. Cold drinks are available 24/7 and chocolate-y, nutty, granola-y, yummy snacks abound. Meals include fresh fruits and veggies eaten with real utensils, on plates that won't fold in your hands. There's ice available in the evenings, and we have a "happy hour" with appetizers!

Do keep in mind, that this is a wilderness experience, but Arizona River Runners takes your comfort to heart. You are, after all, in a truly awesome environment. You don't need to be distracted by "boo boos" that can be avoided.

The Grand Canyon is the star. ARR will minimize the uncomfortable distractions so you can be awed by the main attraction.

To book your Arizona rafting vacation call 1-800-477-7238 for 2011 rates and dates!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Are You Fit For a Grand Canyon Raft Trip with Arizona River Runners?

Just how fit do you need to be, to enjoy a Grand Canyon raft trip? Good question? Ask yourself....can I get up out of bed (a cot)? Can I make my way across uneven surfaces? Can I sit for long periods of time? Can I walk or hike when the urge strikes? Can I walk in soft sand? These are the kinds of things that you MUST be able to do in order to enjoy whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon.

You do NOT have to hike miles in the blazing sun, or survive on dehydrated food. You do NOT have to be an elite athlete or have highly developed survival skills. You do NOT have to be able to start a fire with flint stone either.

With Arizona River Runners, a Colorado River trip is easier than you expect. Getting on and off the rafts, I think, can be a challenge. It's do-able for everyone, it's just that some achieve this feat with more grace (and dignity) than others. Hiking is available and greatly encouraged. ARR guides will explain what to expect on a hike. They will encourage you to participate and they will help you along the way.

There are awesome sights to see that are off the river corridor. Some spots are a short scramble from the raft, and other hiking destinations are more of a trek. Some might be "challenging" for you but those are the ones that test your mettle, and those are also the ones that you will brag about when you get home.

Rafting through the Grand Canyon is a wilderness experience. It is not a week at The Ritz. You will be camping on the shores of the Colorado River. This takes some effort on your part. You must carry your stuff to your campsite and set up your home-sweet-home each night. In the morning, you will pack up your campsite and carry it all back to the raft.

There is a physically challenging element to all of this, but there is always help available from your fellow rafters and your crew. Your time in the midst of the beauty of the Grand Canyon won't be strenuous but it will be demanding. It will also be captivating, mesmerizing, humbling, astounding, hilarious and soulful.

You do NOT need to be the perfect specimen of health and fitness to enjoy a Grand Canyon rafting trip. You DO need the desire to appreciate the splendor of the great outdoors at its finest. Be sure to let Arizona River Runners know about your medical conditions that may affect your participation on the river. There's lots that we can do to safeguard you and make your time in the Grand Canyon......GRAND!

Call us at 1-800-477-7238 for your Grand Canyon rafting adventure! We promise a spectacular time!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Don't Let Sleep Apnea Keep You from Rafting the Grand Canyon with Arizona River Runners

Lately it seems, that Sleep Apnea has become more recognized. More of us are dealing with it than ever before. Sleep Apnea does not eliminate your chance of a Colorado River trip with Arizona River Runners. We make it possible for you to use your CPAP at your campsite. You can sleep under the stars. You can camp along the rushing waters or nestle into the rocks. Choose your campsite without worrying about Sleep Apnea symptoms. We can adapt your CPAP machine so that you can have it wherever you choose to camp. Pack it all up the next day and get on down the river. Others have done it before you and many more will do so here-to-forward. You don't want to miss out whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon!

So, grab your CPAP and head for the Grand Canyon. Get yourself on a raft and go for the gusto!

Call Arizona River Runners at 1-800-477-7238 and book your Arizona rafting trip today!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Grand Canyon – From the River’s View Whitewater Rafting with Arizona River Runners

In the midst of our busy lives and bucket lists, there are people in a hurry even while on holiday. Are you one of them? Take time to really slow down, relax and unplug.... Go with the “flow” and "experience" the Grand Canyon from the bottom...looking up! Many people plan to "do" the Grand Canyon...most are surprised by what the Grand Canyon does to them!

For your summer holidays this year come to the Grand Canyon and experience a vacation adventure of a lifetime on a Grand Canyon Colorado River rafting trip. Since 1970 Arizona River Runners has provided complete Grand Canyon white water rafting trips. They have wonderful Grand Canyon tour guides for your Arizona family vacation, bringing your river trip to life and take you on a safe and enjoyable vacation adventure that will become one of your most memorable. The river guides border on culinary geniuses too!

Arizona River Runners has grown to be one of the most innovative, progressive and well-respected outfitters operating in the Grand Canyon. They operate customized state-of-the-art rafts, provide all the camping and rafting gear you will need for your river experience.

There are a wide variety of trips available from a 3-day Escape, to 6, 7 and 8-day motorized adventures and 6, 8, 13-day oar powered trips. Arizona River Runners is very serious about protecting the environment of one of the most beautiful and unique places in world. Their dedication is evident through the time invested in their people, the care taken in educating visitors about the Colorado River corridor and their passion for preserving this opportunity for future generations to enjoy.

Whitewater rafting on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon offers a unique view of one of the most popular natural wonders of the world. It offers you a chance to experience the true spirit of the Canyon, gain a new perspective on life, and connect with many other like-minded people who appreciate this unique outdoor environment. Spending time in the Canyon gives individuals the chance to be kids again, to laugh and appreciate the small things in life, in a very Grand Place.

See the Canyon from the view of the Colorado River; looking up, the incredible vistas up close, the Big Horn Sheep, the deer and so much more! Camping under a blanket of stars at night, stars are so bright you think you can reach out and touch them. Everyday there are new sights and sounds to experience, every night camping in a different location with breathtaking views! If this excites you and you want a summer holiday to remember, book your trip now. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience the Grand Canyon on a whitewater rafting trip!

Call Arizona River Runners for your summer vacation of 2011! 1-800-477-7238.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Grand Canyon Association and Grand Canyon National Park has dedicated a new rim-based amphitheater and landmark feature at Mather Point on Grand Canyon's South Rim! The new amphitheater allows park visitors to view the Canyon's famous vistas from a beautiful location, while seated on native limestone. The amphitheater's setting, adjacent to the rim, seats approximately 50 to 80 people, providing space for ranger talks or viewing the Canyon's sunrise and sunsets in a peaceful spot.
The landmark feature, honoring the Native American tribes affiliated with Grand Canyon National Park, is also created from native limestone. This feature has a plaza with a meeting area for visitors walking to and from Mather Point. Stone slabs in the construction include etchings inspired by stories with input gathered from these tribes. The Grand Canyon Association and Grand Canyon National Park are thankful to the Salt River Project and their partners: U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Arizona Public Service, NV Energy and Tucson Electric Power -- owners of the Navajo Generating Station -- for providing the funding to help construct these two key elements at Mather Point near the park's main visitor center -- the landmark feature and Mather Point Amphitheater. These areas will become a central part of the visitor experience for the nearly 4.5 million people from around the world who visit Grand Canyon National Park each year.

Arizona River Runners is dedicated to protecting the environment of the Grand Canyon, and supports organizations such as Native Voices on the Colorado River, Leave No Trace, Grand Canyon National Park Service, The Grand Canyon Association, Grand Canyon Trust, Friends of the River and many more.

For more information on Arizona Runners, our trips or the organizations we support, call 1-800-477-7238. We'd love to hear from you!

Monday, November 1, 2010

All Inclusive Family Rafting Trips with Arizona River Runners

What exactly does an all inclusive Grand Canyon Rafting trip mean to you!? When you travel with Arizona River Runners, all inclusive means just that. You get to the starting place and we will take care of you and return you to wherever you started. All you bring is yourself and your personal gear. We provide everything else!

Rafting through the Grand Canyon requires many things. Equipment, people, trucks and trailers. There are permits and licenses, boats and boat equipment, food, cooking supplies, camping gear, medical/first aid supplies, kitchen setup, the toilet (can't forget that), potable water, chairs, cots, tents, sleeping bags, sheets, pillows, life jackets, cushions and ropes. Not to mention the crew. There's a truck driver you never see and on the river you'll become good friends with a guide or two and their helpers.

Let us not neglect to mention the drinks, snacks, ice, books, games and gadgets to gaze at the stars. Arizona River Runners brings all those things and more. You can rest assured that you will be taken care of the entire time you spend with us.

You have choices as to where you want to start your Grand Canyon adventure. You have choices as to how long you'd like to spend on your river trip. You have choices as to when you'd like to enjoy this whole experience. You have choices as to what clothes and suntan lotion you should bring. You have choices as who you travel with; make it a family rafting trip, a solo trip, or go with a group of friends!

Basically, Arizona River Runners takes care of most everything. It's a very long list that has been fine-tuned through time (since 1970). We will get you there and back again - all in one piece and with a big smile on your face.

You bring yourself and your personal belongings. That's it. All inclusive. We make it easy, you make it fun.

For your all inclusive Colorado River trip, call Arizona River Runners at 1-800-477-7238. We make your whitewater rafting trip come alive!