Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bon Appétit in the Grand Canyon on an Arizona River Runners Rafting Vacation!

When you raft the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon with Arizona River Runners you will enjoy some really good food. It won't be your typical camping food or that dehydrated stuff. No way! It will be delicious, fresh foods cooked by your guides, who really know their way around the kitchen.

A week on the river with Arizona River Runners might include chicken breast, grilled over hot coals or thick, juicy pork chops. Some nights the dutch ovens turn out lasagna that will offer you choice of meaty or vegetarian. You might savor a pineapple upside down cake still warm from the dutch oven or brownies, gooey and hot. Salmon steaks are one of my favorites. Mexican night offers chicken fajitas or maybe burritos that you build yourself. Rib-eyes just off the grill comes with a bucket of garlic mashed potatoes. Fresh veggies and fruit make perfect salads and sides.

Breakfast beckons you out of your sleeping bag. Every day starts with hot coffee, tea and juice. Some mornings it's eggs to order or blueberry pancakes with sausage. Build your own omelet and watch the chefs skillfully fold it all together for you. There's fresh fruit, yogurt, granola and oatmeal too. Bite into a toasted muffin spread with jam or peanut butter. Perhaps French toast will be a favorite of yours.

At lunch, pile up a dagwood sandwich with sliced turkey, roast beef or ham with choice of avocado, tomato, lettuce, cheese, red onion.....I'm sure I'm leaving out lots of stuff. There'll be olives and pickles and peppers too. Peanut butter and jelly is also available. ARR guides also make a really fab tuna salad.

One of the most popular lunches is called Mexican Train Wreck. You put everything that would be in a mexican food meal, plus the salsa, sour cream, lettuce and chips and chunks of chicken into a bowl. Stir well and..... Wa! La! You've got Mexican Train Wreck. It's a delicious twist on chicken salad.

You won't have ALL of these things on one trip....there just simply isn't enough time but those are a sampling of the kinds of meals that you will savor. Sure, Sara Lee makes an appearance with cheesecake and the like. We appreciate her talents.

Food, on our Grand Canyon raft trips, is delicious. Menus are flexible and for those of you that have certain food restrictions or requirements, let us know your specific needs and we'll make sure you'll enjoy meal time too.

Being in the Grand Canyon is exhilarating. You're going to be busy, exploring, hiking, rafting and doing all kinds of "campy" things. Great food will add to your amazing Grand Canyon rafting adventure. No doubt in my mind!

For your Grand Canyon vacation, call Arizona River Runners at 1-800-477-7238!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Grand Canyon Rafting with Arizona River Runners - "Git 'Er Done

One of the things I do at Arizona River Runners is read all the questionnaires that our guests fill out and return to us after their Grand Canyon rafting trip. It's really quite fun. It's actually a LOT of fun on a couple of different levels. First, and foremost is that it is apparent that people have had a wonderful time with ARR. Most times the experience exceeded all expectations. Secondly, their mind set has often shifted a bit.

Some very common responses are: "It was a trip of a lifetime." "Thank you for time spent with my family." "I've changed how I look at my "stuff" in my regular life." "I didn't want to go back to work." "I was sad to leave the river." "I can't explain what this meant to me." "It's been on my bucket list for a long time." "I wish I hadn't waited so long to actually go." "I was amazed how our group bonded, we became like family." "I've traveled all over the world and this was, by far, the best trip I've done." "I would recommend this trip to everyone."

I am not making these comments up. These are what I read from you over and over again. Sometimes they are even more soulful and fundamental. Your experience will be unique to you.

Have you been thinking about going on a Grand Canyon Rafting adventure? Have you wanted an Arizona Rafting vacation for a long time? It's time to "git 'er done."

Whether you travel alone, with your family or a gaggle of friends, whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon is an awesome experience that is well worth your effort to make it happen.

Right now, at Arizona River Runners, we are taking reservations for Summer of 2011 at 2010 prices. Dates are filling in but there is still room for you! This could be "your best trip ever" too.

Call us and let's "git 'er done."

Arizona River Runners 1-800-477-4238

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grand Canyon Rafting with Arizona River Runners ~ Adventure at Its Finest

I did my first Grand Canyon Raft trip when I was in my early 20's. I was single, playing and teaching racquetball for a living and working as a server in a restaurant. I had traveled half way around the world in my short life but had yet to do a Grand Canyon raft trip. So, when the opportunity came up....I jumped on it.

I had the time and I had the money so, without knowing a soul on the trip, I signed up and went on my first Grand Canyon Raft trip with Arizona River Runners. I remember after our orientation, standing at Lee's Ferry with my life jacket on, about to get onto the rafts and thinking to myself....."Did I just pay all this money and I'm going to die?!" Here I was, the great adventurer, jock, strong, independent woman (hear me roar!) and I was second guessing my latest choice of adventure.

As I watched our blonde, bronzed river guide packing his boat, my next thought was "The guides go down the river, come back, do it again and again and again so it must be okay." With this thought in my head, I clamored onto my first raft and my life was forever changed. It was an adventure beyond anything I expected or could have hoped for.

That was 34 years ago. I married that blonde, bronzed river guide. We ran the river together as crew for 3 years, and now we have two grown daughters working on the river.

Adventure at its finest I'd say.

For your adventure call Arizona River Runners at 1-800-477-7238. We'll take you on the Grand Canyon Rafting vacation of your life!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Grand Canyon Rafting ~ Arizona River Runners Off Season

The end of another great summer of Grand Canyon Rafting is coming soon. Commercial use of the river, which allows public access, runs from mid April to mid October each year. Arizona River Runners' rafting adventures for 2010 will soon be over. It will officially be our off season.

Through the winter months there is plenty of activity on the Colorado River within the Grand Canyon. Research replaces vacationing. Scientists and their teams travel the river and study wildlife. They study flora. They study fish. They study the river itself; the flows, the sediments and the temperatures. National Park Service sends teams and work crews to work on the trails and beaches. There is another whole community that flourishes along the river corridor throughout the winter.

For Arizona River Runners Inc., it's time to leave the river. Winter time is when the equipment will be repaired, replaced and readied for your next Grand Canyon rafting vacation. The guides, too, leave the Grand Canyon that they love and must find worthwhile activities for the winter.

They have shown their skills as they guided many of you through the vastness of the Grand Canyon. They surely could spend their winter months employed as an Activities Director or chef. They easily could by psychiatrists, counselors or tour guides in some other venue. Perhaps they would be a camp counselor, drive an ambulance as an EMT, or be a doctor or nurse. Most could be consultants for team building or time management or perhaps a life coach. Undeniably they could be models of outdoor wear or geology professors.

In reality, our guides are... (in no particular order) students, nurse, bartender, server, ski hill groomer, river guides in faraway lands, dancer, massage therapist, carpenter, ski instructor, snowboard instructor and school teacher. Many are parents and will get to spend time with their families. For a while, some will scatter and travel all over our beautiful planet.

They are a diverse bunch and they will bring their individual personalities and capabilities back to Arizona in the spring to, once again, guide you and yours on a Grand Canyon rafting adventure of a lifetime.

All you have to do is call us at 800-477-4238. You can join the fun and be a part of the adventure. Get on a raft trip!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Arizona River Runners ~ Grand Canyon Rafting Not Swimming!

Maybe you are not a great swimmer. Maybe you don't really like deep water. Perhaps you don't swim at all. Not to worry - rafting in the Grand Canyon is just's rafting.....not swimming. Let's dive into that thought.

The water of the Colorado River within the walls of the Grand Canyon is very cold. It's 50 degrees Fahrenheit or there about. It warms up as you go and may get way up to 55 degrees or so by the time you're downstream. For most, that is still cold. Often times there is a strong current. For darn certain, this is not swimming water. This is not water you will be spending any amount of time in. This chilly water will zap your strength quickly if you are submerged. But, again, not to worry. You likely won't be involuntarily swimming on your raft trip. Arizona River Runners provides boats, guides and life jackets to see that you have safe passage through some of the largest navigable whitewater in the northern hemisphere. Yeee haa - that's some fun stuff!

The rapids offer many exciting rides....not to be confused with swims. Riding the rapids is what a Grand Canyon raft trip is all about. You don't need to know how to swim. Many non-swimmers have made this journey before you and would do it again in a heartbeat. Whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon is… fun. It's exciting. It's thrilling. It's totally awesome in so many ways. No need to know how to swim to love this adventure.

Arizona River Runners offers a number of whitewater trips, call 1-800-477-4238 for your Grand Canyon Rafting vacation!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grand Canyon Rafting with Arizona River Runners Is Mega-Green

When you get to Lee's Ferry and are getting geared up to launch on a Grand Canyon raft trip with Arizona River Runners, you are about to be uber "green". With minimal effort on your part, Arizona River Runners makes it quite easy and quite natural for you to do your part to help save our planet.

You will be encouraged to minimize the footprint that you leave in the canyon. Your presence will be undetectable by those that follow behind you, just as you should see no traces or evidence of rafters that go before you. Side hikes and streams will remain natural and clean in every sense.

The systems that you use to cook at camp will do no harm to the beach. You will not burn indigenous wood at any time. Your trash will be collected/separated so that parts can be tossed and parts can be recycled back in Flagstaff. Everything (yes EVERYTHING) you bring into the canyon will be taken out. No trace will be left behind.

Many of the foods that you will eat are organic and raised in a humane way. The coffee is shade-grown and organic as well. The salmon you'll enjoy for dinner is wild. Even better....if your trip includes a successful fisherman, then your trout will be VERY fresh!

Mother Nature can cleanse all. We are inspired to work with the strategies that are in place naturally. The river corridor has a huge volume of water. It is the great cleanser. It is home to many fishes and plants. Wildlife abounds alongside the river....from tiny, annoying ants to impressive big-horn sheep. They co-exist in this environment. We are visitors and are responsible for our actions and how these actions affect their home. Green is good.

Go on a “green” Grand Canyon rafting trip with Arizona River Runners - it's fun and fascinating ! Call 1-800-477-4238 for your Colorado River adventure.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Arizona River Runners Flickr Photo Contest Winner ~ July

Albino Ram comes to visit
Originally uploaded by Lor916
"According to our guides, it is rare to see one of these Albino Rams at camp. It came right down the mountain to join us for the evening!"
What a beautiful photo, the subject is truly a"grand." Congratulations Lori, we appreciate you sharing your photos! Hope you had a fabulous rafting trip!

To book your Grand Rafting Trip call Arizona River Runners at 1-800-477-7238

Arizona River Runners June Flickr Photo Contest Winner

Care for a Swim?
Originally uploaded by Ryan Zapata
Rushing water, shadow and shade, brilliant sun - "Care for a Swim?" Here is our June Flickr Photo winner for June. Congratulations Ryan! Hope you had a "grand" time! Thank you for sharing your photos of your Grand Canyon Rafting trip!

To view more of Ryan's photos visit Arizona River Runners Flickr Photo Contest

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bring On The Clouds On Your Arizona River Runners Rafting Trip

Clouds take on an increased importance during your Grand Canyon Rafting Trip. They serve an array of functions; likely, functions that you've not often considered. Sometimes they are a welcomed ally. Other times they are a dark threat.

They are a dramatic addition to all your photos. High flying wisps of cirrus clouds play across your view finder. White, dense, humongous, puffy specimens of cumulus clouds make the blue of the sky even more vibrant. They hover high in the atmosphere or cling to the canyon walls around you.

Cumuli nimbus can add layers and depth to your photography. Their thick, gray mass warns you of potential rain. A deluge can create waterfalls and streams of water that have an ephemeral role in the Grand Canyon. Lucky are those that witness rain unleashed from cloudy skies.

Clouds can provide respite from the heat of the sun. On the Colorado River, drift into the shade of a cloud and enjoy the coolness there. As you hike, a cloud might offer some relief from the baking rays of the sun Clouds can shield you for a time.

Clouds likely will blow across the vast skies and enhance your experience in the Grand Canyon. There is no doubt that whatever form they choose; they will sway your surroundings. And no doubt, that having endured the varied influences of clouds you will return to your home with an awareness and appreciation of clouds that you did not have before.

Bring on the clouds. There ought to be clouds.

Call Arizona River Runners for your adventure of a lifetime 1-800-477-7238!