Monday, January 24, 2011

How (NOT What) To Pack for Your Arizona River Runners Raft Trip

When you make your reservation for a Grand Canyon raft trip with Arizona River Runners they will help you to get ready for your upcoming adventure. You can ask lots of questions and people (yes, live humans) will talk with you and make sure you understand things so that you can pack what you need.

I'm not going to address WHAT to pack right now but, instead, HOW to pack.

Here's the are coming from point A, maybe in a car, maybe on a plane, maybe with extra days before or after your Colorado River trip. That's all up to you. Let's focus here on your rafting needs. If you are flying to Las Vegas before your trip make sure you carry on your river duffel bag on the plane. DO NOT CHECK IT. It can be a real last minute challenge to find all your river gear if the airline happens to lose your bag.

ARR will provide you with 2 waterproof dry bags for your raft trip. One smaller dry bag (7" diameter x 14" deep), is for you to keep with you during the daytime. You will pack sunscreen, camera, rain gear...things that you will have access to all day long. Bring a couple of carabiners too. They make it easy to clip and un-clip your bag to the boat straps and to use in camp to keep your stuff together. The other larger dry bag will hold your duffel bag with everything else of yours, including all of your sleeping stuff, which Arizona River Runners provides. The large dry bag will be wrapped up and stowed away all day long. You will have access to this at camp each night.

You may leave home with other, major luggage pieces but when you head for the yourself a favor. (1) Pack light, and (2) bring your personal things in a soft duffel kind of bag no larger than 24" x 12" x 12"(no rigid suitcases please). Just slide the whole thing into your dry bag and you're good to go. I've even seen people use black trash bags instead of luggage. It's not a bad way to go

One, final thought....on any trip that you FLY (not all raft trips do this but many do) back to where you started your Grand Canyon adventure, you will need ID. Just like any other air carrier, ID is required. So stash that with your duffel bag and it will be ready and waiting.

Like most things, getting situated may be challenging but you will get the hang of it pretty quickly. Arizona River Runners is here to help you with your Grand Canyon rafting adventure. Like I said earlier, a real, live human being will answer all your questions about whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon. Call us, were waiting for you! 1-800-477-7238.