Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Romancing the River" with Arizona River Runners

"Seeing the Grand Canyon from the rim is one of the primary experiences of a trip through the Southwest. But active travelers know the real thrills come from the bottom looking up. Unless you’re ready to take on this crack in the earth with an 11-hour trek downward a trip to the canyon can best be facilitated by exhilarating rides on the river that runs through it: the mighty Colorado. Reputable, highly experienced tour operators in the Grand Canyon, such as Outdoors Unlimited and Arizona River Runners supply the thrills and spills through the chasm and answer the many questions that inevitably surface before the plunge.

The majority of the dozen or so outfitters offer river trips that are motorized, and can accomplish the full trek in half that time—in six, seven or eight days. On oar-boat trips, river guides manage the oars. More active travelers may want to consider the paddleboat trips and grab their own oars.

Oar trips typically run a maximum of 21 passengers; paddle trips, 24 passengers and cover all or part of the 296-mile route, beginning at Lee’s Ferry in the north. After Lee’s Ferry, there’s no place to get out of the canyon, except for Phantom Ranch, where one can hike into and out of the river." Read more...

For your white water rafting trip call Arizona River Runners. We will answer all your questions about rafting the Grand Canyon! 1-800-477-7238