Monday, March 29, 2010

River Fashionista Tips from Arizona River Runners – Function Follows Fashion!

So you are heading out on a rafting trip and are wondering what to wear. We all want to look great in those vacation photos (check these out and post your own on Flickr), so here are some head-to-toe tips for packing light and staying comfortable throughout your ARR experience.

You will be out in the sun. That means you may want to wear a hat, especially if you are follically challenged. But even for those with a full head of hair, a brim helps keep the sun out of your eyes. Your hat should have a strap, because you don't want to lose it if the water gets wild or the wind kicks up.

Quick-drying nylon shorts and bathing suits are great, but being out in the sun means you'll need protection for your skin. Nylon pants and a light nylon, cotton or quick-drying long sleeved shirt are great for layering in case you start to burn.

For cooler times and rainy weather, a lightweight fleece or fleece lined will help you keep cozy. Rain gear is a MUST! Look for quality pieces that are waterproof, not just water resistant. The point is to stay dry! Pants and jackets with elastic cuffs at the ankle and sleeve work best. A jacket with a hood will keep you much dryer than a poncho, and really a jacket is so much more fashionable. Ponchos are so last year.

Bring two pairs of shoes - it's nice to have dry feet in camp, and you'll need to wear shoes on the raft, which will get wet. Tennis/athletic shoes are recommended, and you can bring sturdy sports sandals with heel straps (no flip flops). Red Rock Outfitters has some great options. Think Teva, Chaco, Merrill - you know outdoorsy. This is the Grand Canyon we're talking about! Socks are nice for camp, and also if you develop sore spots from any of your shoes. In any case, try to bring shoes that are already broken in and comfy.

Don't be tempted to wear a different outfit in every photo. Really! Everyone will be wearing the same thing more than once, getting sand on their stuff, and hanging things out to dry. It's just the way we roll. Pack light in a soft gym-type bag and we'll pack it into our waterproof bags before we head out.

Once you're signed up for a trip, we'll send you a complete packing list. If you want to get a sneak peek of the best in river fashion, check out Red Rock Outfitters.