Monday, March 8, 2010

A Day on the Job with a Grand Canyon River Guide

If you had chosen the career of a river guide, you just might think that you have the best job in the world. So, what makes the job of a Grand Canyon river guide so much better than your Average Joe’s everyday gig? You will probably need to spend a week in the Canyon with one of river guide to find out. After taking part in a Arizona River Runners’ rafting adventure on the Colorado River you’ll have no problem understanding why river guides love to go to work everyday. Compare a day in their “office” to a day in yours:

Guides in the Grand Canyon start their day with coffee and breakfast in the majestic setting of one of the most amazing natural wonders of the world. They’re not fighting traffic, and it’s easy to see how starting your day floating through the morning calm of this breathtaking river feeds your soul instead of draining it. You get a sense of your part in the natural world, and how inspiring that world really is.

No fluorescent lighting for river guides, and forget about staring at the glare of a computer screen or those tired old memos from the boss posted on your cubicle walls throughout the day. These guides enjoy the ever changing scenery, experienced from the Colorado River vantage point that many people will never see.

No ringing phones, overflowing inboxes, expense reports and sorting e-mail spam. There’s a rhythm to the days, but rafting trips are far from routine. Every bend in the river brings a fresh perspective and the chance to experience something new all over again – you might be facing the adrenaline pumping rush of whitewater rapids, or the chance to float lazily for a while and take in the scenery of afternoon clouds contrasting against the blue sky and Canyon walls.

Been doing the same ol’, same ol’ on the job for years? River trips are fantastic learning experiences. Arizona River Runners guides come from a wide variety of backgrounds, all with a passion for the river that has allowed them to soak up a wealth of knowledge and some pretty incredible stories that they will share throughout the trip. Ask them questions and take in as much as you can. From learning to read river conditions and practicing environmentally responsible camping techniques to Grand Canyon history and folklore, these river guides will keep you informed every step of the way.

On a rafting trip, you’ll experience teamwork and bond with the others on your trip in a way you’ll probably never see in the office. The river serves up challenges and rewards throughout the days to enjoy with your new “co-workers”. No gossip in the breakroom, no competition for the big promotion. These trips develop teams led by some of the most knowledgeable guides in the business, successfully navigating the challenges of some of the biggest whitewater in the North America. You just might develop a new definition for the word “success” after sharing some time in their workplace.