Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Plan a Family Rafting Vacation with Your Adult Children and Arizona River Runners

Your kids can be adventurous travel companions who are willing to try new things, and are hungry for physical activity and education. Arizona River Runners has a variety of family rafting trips with adventure written all over!

Remember when the kids were little, and family vacations sometimes seemed like more of a hassle than the fun and relaxing holidays they were supposed to be? First you had to pack for you, then for the kids, then load them into the car with a big bag of distractions, and bear the repeated annoyances of “are we there yet?” only to arrive at Lego Land or Disney World to wait hours in line and spend buckets of money on bottled water and Mickey ears.

Now that the kids are more grown up, things might seem a little easier. Don’t think that just because the kids are all adults means you have to give up those fun-filled family vacations. The empty nest syndrome can be rough for a lot of parents, but leaving the nest can be just as hard sometimes. It might surprise you that most kids would be happy to relish in old times, and spend some quality time traveling with their parents.

Besides, now that they’re older, your kids can be adventurous travel companions who are willing to try new things, and are hungry for physical activity and education. Why not bring them out on a Colorado River trip? Rafting through the Grand Canyon with outfitters like Arizona River Runners provide tons of boat-rocking rapids to help keep the excitement up, along with lots of fascinating information on the Canyon’s history and ecology. Arizona River Runners has family rafting trips with adventure written all over!

Along the way, you’ll get to experience the Canyon both on the water and off with a variety of side canyon hikes, hidden waterfalls and cool swimming spots. The Canyon is known for its unique environment and breathtaking geography, so you’ll be sure to find something fun to explore. Don’t worry, you’ll have some down time each day with delicious full course meals provided by the Arizona River Runners’ crew.

Your Grand Canyon rafting trip doesn’t even have to mark a milestone like a graduation or a job promotion; bringing your adult kids out on a river trip can simply be an opportunity to share in an exciting experience with a loved one. Kicking back at the campsite is the perfect opportunity to catch up and stay connected with your kids. You’ll be able to recount stories and share experiences with one another while enjoying the beautiful setting of the Grand Canyon.

You’ll also be surrounded by other people who share in similar interests, so your Colorado River trip can be a great opportunity for both you and your children to make some new friends. Our guides, especially, have some incredible stories about their own experiences whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon, and they’re always happy to share.

Now that the family is together for the holiday - go online and take a look at our trips! You will be pleasantly surprised at our all-inclusive rates. Book your "grown-up" family rafting trip with Arizona River Runners, it will be the adventure of a lifetime -an unforgettable adventure! You’ll travel over one hundred plus river miles down the Colorado River and have the opportunity to share in the experience of a lifetime with your kids, all while rafting, swimming, hiking, and camping in one of the most amazing “Natural Wonders of the World.” It’s the family vacation they’ll never forget, and best of all – there are no lines! Call us now at 1-800-477-7238!