Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rafting The Grand Canyon in Comfort ~ Arizona River Runners Style

Riding the waves on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is certainly exhilarating. It's active, exciting and it's Mother Nature's display of raw power and beauty. Certainly it is wet. It is wet from all directions. Sometimes the skies open and drench you. Sometimes the river lures you down and crushes you with huge torrents of water. The water is playful, cold and powerful. The sun can graciously warm you up or mercilessly bake you and burn you. The clouds can protect you or reveal the warmth of the sun you crave. Every one of your senses will be on high alert during your time in the wilderness rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Arizona River Runners can provide a trip of a lifetime within this superb display of nature. We have the expertise, the guides and all the equipment you'll need, not only to survive, but to relish your part in the river dance.

Our rafts have cushioned seats. The duffel pile makes a great seat back and supports your back. The rafts are custom built with plenty of storage (so you can eat like a king) and provide lots of comfy options for you to sit. The boxes are cushioned so that you can think about other things besides your tush on your whitewater rafting trip!

When you get to camp everybody can enjoy a chair. On motor trips, you'll be able to sleep on a cot. Oar rigs have less stowage space. They still enjoy chairs and inflatable paco pads for sleeping. The toilet setup is very comfy....probably looks just like your seat at home but has a much better view.

We've got roomy tents for everybody that wants one. They are easy to assemble even for non-campers. Cold drinks are available 24/7 and chocolate-y, nutty, granola-y, yummy snacks abound. Meals include fresh fruits and veggies eaten with real utensils, on plates that won't fold in your hands. There's ice available in the evenings, and we have a "happy hour" with appetizers!

Do keep in mind, that this is a wilderness experience, but Arizona River Runners takes your comfort to heart. You are, after all, in a truly awesome environment. You don't need to be distracted by "boo boos" that can be avoided.

The Grand Canyon is the star. ARR will minimize the uncomfortable distractions so you can be awed by the main attraction.

To book your Arizona rafting vacation call 1-800-477-7238 for 2011 rates and dates!