Monday, December 20, 2010

Arizona River Runners ~ Year Round in the Grand Canyon

There are people rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon right now. Right now and all winter long, there are all kinds of activities going on. Some trips are scientists doing research. Everything in, beside, beneath, over and around the river corridor gets studied. There are bald eagles, condors, humpback chub, trout, tamarisks, rocks and waters, just to name a few things that are studied and recorded. Some teams go down there during the winter season to build trails or to rebuild the ones that are already being used. The flora and fauna are worked on.

Some rafters are down there just for fun. It's an awesome environment to spend your fall and/or winter in.

The water temperature is pretty constant at 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The air temperature is what has changed. It's obviously much cooler. The angle of the sun's rays is different. There are fewer hours of direct sunshine deep in the canyon, on the river. Winter rafters dress and pack very differently from summertime rafters. Lots of fleece is in order for trips this time of year.

Grand Canyon National Park is accessible year round. Be prepared for cold days, cold water and even colder nights.

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