Friday, December 3, 2010


Thinking about summer vacation? Wanting adventure? Have thought about Grand Canyon rafting trips, but there are some things holding you back?

Food restrictions, vegetarian, vegan, sensitive to gluten, allergic to nuts, lactose intolerant, out of shape, sensitive to sun, can't swim, never pitched a tent before, never camped before, traveling solo, it's expensive, can't find the time, who'll take care of my dog?, I sunburn easily, my wife won't go, I don't like cold water, physical challenges/limitations, mental challenges/limitations, old age, the kids, can't sleep without your own pillow, scared of heights…

These are a mere dabbling of things that should not keep you from considering your own rafting adventure in the Grand Canyon. There are a million more challenges that need not douse your desire for a trip of a lifetime. If you have a concern or have questions... contact the office of Arizona River Runners and we can evaluate your particular situation and help you to decide if your dreams of rafting in the Grand Canyon can still come true. Don't give up your adventures if you don't have to. A lot of things are easily remedied. We can work together to find solutions for you. Many people who thought they couldn't, or should raft the Grand Canyon have achieved their dream with Arizona River Runners. Call us - don't miss out - together we can make your dream come true too!

Arizona River Runners 1-800-477-7238, for your adventure of a lifetime!