Monday, May 3, 2010

6, 7 and 8 Day Motor Trips: Rafting the Grand Canyon is What the Trip is About, But That’s Not All….

If you’ve chosen one of these Arizona River Runners' trips, you will be blown away by exquisite views, fun and excitement! Once everyone has arrived at Lees Ferry, has gone through orientation, and all the gear is packed in our waterproof bags, your adventure begins. Our 6 and 7-Day Expedition packages cover 187 miles of the Colorado River from historic Lee's Ferry to Whitmore Wash and take you through the Heart of the Grand Canyon. The 8-Day Adventure is our longest motorized trip and the only one to travel the full 280-mile length of the Grand Canyon to Lake Mead. On your journey through the Canyon you will enjoy unparalleled scenery with time to explore unique and spectacular side canyons, streams and waterfalls.

A favorite side stop and campsite is at Nankoweap Canyon (mile 52). If you know where to look you will see an ancient Anasazi stone storage ruins built into a ledge of dark rock high above the sandy beach on river right. Those willing to take the 600 foot vertical hike up to the Nankoweap granaries will be treated to one of the more spectacular 180 degree Canyon views. Hike up to Hilltop Ruins to see the stunning panoramic view of the widest sections of the Grand Canyon at mile 72. Each day brings new sights, exciting rapids, mid-morning and mid-afternoon hikes or stops so you will never be bored! You may see deer, Big-Horn Sheep, strange and unique flowers and plants! At mile 136 the welcome and refreshing spray from the spectacular 100-foot Deer Creek Falls is just one more reason to raise your hands and enjoy the unique beauty of the Grand Canyon.

Every morning you wake up to great cowboy coffee, from Toucanet Coffee, eat a delicious breakfast with fresh fruit and juice, before hitting the river! Then each day as the sun begins to sink, camp is set on a beautiful sandy beach. The stories of the day are shared over another delicious dinner. The stars begin to glisten. The quiet serenity of the universe is spread out above your bedroll as the magnificence of the heavens envelopes your soul.

All too soon your adventure comes to an end. But you will remember it forever, how you “shot the rapids of the Colorado River,” where you hiked in the footsteps of John Wesley Powell and others. Come along and join us on this amazing adventure. You'll talk about it for a lifetime if you do. You'll regret it if you don't. Call us at 1-800-477-7238 to book your rafting adventure now!
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