Monday, May 10, 2010

Multigenerational Grand Canyon Rafting Adventure with Arizona River Runners

Multigenerational vacations are a growing trend in the travel industry, and families worldwide are seeking opportunities to spend precious time together. Extended families are looking for adventures that incorporate ways to spend time bonding, learning opportunities that can be shared, unforgettable sights and a level of comfort suitable to all ages.

One family who joined together for their “adventure of a lifetime” is the Sommervilles, who embarked on a Colorado River rafting trip with Arizona River Runners last summer, as a 70th birthday celebration for grandfather Ronald (Rags). The Sommervilles’ group included family from South Africa, the UK and the US, ranging from age 8 to 70. As well as being a chance for this far-flung family to reconnect and spend time together, Rags recalls the trip as “an education in the deepest and best sense of the word” that he truly treasures sharing with his children and grandchildren.

The Sommerville crew embarked on a 7-day adventure through the Grand Canyon with experienced Arizona River Runners guides who handled the details and kept the trip well organized. “The guides established a sense of trust through a subtle strength and the ability to handle everything that came their way,” says Rags. “Because of that, we had complete relaxation and peace so we could enjoy the experience of this great event.” Rags’ wife, Merle, loved the fact that the guides were careful and kept everyone safe, but didn’t “fuss”, allowing everyone to partake fully in the challenges of the trip. The family jumped off of waterfalls, navigated exhilarating rapids, slept under the stars on camp beds, and had the opportunity to do something different every day.

The setting for this multi-generational trip couldn’t have been better. The Grand Canyon is a place that has a lasting impact on visitors of all ages, offering up views of towering canyon walls, Indian ruins, seldom-seen wildlife, and gorgeous river vistas. Nature abounds in the Canyon, and the Sommervilles all learned a great deal about Canyon wildlife, history and geography from their guides and by simply observing and interacting with that incredible landscape. Those who have experienced the Canyon know that there is a magic about the Grand Canyon that is a treasure to be shared with loved ones, as age differences seem to melt away.

The exhilarating challenges of life in the Canyon offer bonding opportunities for rafting guests, and the Sommervilles appreciated the chance to reap the rewards on the river with family members. Of course, delicious, abundant freshly-cooked meals and the opportunity to make new friends along the way were welcomed benefits of the trip as well. Rags counts the trip as an unforgettable experience and says, “Not one thing could have been changed for the better – Arizona River Runners did a wonderful job.” Merle admits to wishing the family was taking the trip again this year.

As families take the time to plan their summer breaks, considering multi-generational trips reminds us of the wonderful opportunities to create lasting memories for our children and grandchildren, while enjoying an experience that appeals to all ages.

Arizona River Runners offers a variety of Colorado River rafting experiences, from 3-day getaways to 13-day oar powered trips. Operating since 1970 as an authorized concessioner of Grand Canyon National Parks, Arizona River Runners is one of the most innovative, progressive and well-respected outfitters in the Grand Canyon today.

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