Friday, May 21, 2010

Grand Canyon Rafting Trips with Arizona River Runners

If you are planning a river trip or are going on one, you may be asking yourself: "What's the water like on a rafting trip?" The stretch of water in the Colorado River that runs through the Grand Canyon is typically about 50 degrees all the time. So, you have to ask yourself..."Why is it so chilly?" Here's why. The water comes from deep in Lake Powell through Glen Canyon Dam. The flumes are about 400 or so feet down from the surface of Lake Powell and the water has not seen the sunlight in a long, long time ~ that's why it is so cold. The National Park Service (they are in charge since this is in Grand Canyon National Park) wants the water temperature to be the most favorable for the indigenous wildlife and fish. We humans might prefer water temperatures at 80 degrees (or warmer) but we are not at the top of this particular food chain.

Want to raft this fresh, pristine water? Call us at 800-477-7238 about our family rafting trips for your summer vacation! Arizona River Runnershas been offering Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trips since 1970