Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arizona River Runners Provides All the Treats on Your Rafting Trip

Do NOT bring your own, personal snacks on a Grand Canon rafting trip...here's why. No matter how well they are wrapped or stashed away, the canyon critters will search and they WILL find them in your gear! The scent lures in these bandits to steal these delightful treasures. They will burrow and gnaw through whatever bag, box or backpack you have them hidden in, and they will scamper away in haste - totally excited by their heist! You won't even know it happened until you awaken in the morning. So, the travesty is twofold. One, you have lost your treasured tidbits. Two, you have a hole in your daybag or backpack where a very determined ring-tailed cat has knoshed.

There is LOTS of delicious food at meal time, and there are a variety of snacks on the boat for your enjoyment throughout the day; chocolate bars, granola bars, licorice, pretzels, nuts...There is even a cooler on every boat stocked with apples and oranges that are available at all time.
So do yourself a favor and don't put edibles in your personal gear. You will be sorry if you do!

For more information on what to bring and pack on your white water rafting trip with Arizona River Runners, give us a call at 1-800-477-7238 or visit www.raftarizona.com