Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Duct Tape on Your Arizona River Runners Rafting Trip?

Really, when we reflect on the world of possibilities.... there are very few situations that can't be improved with Duct Tape. That's right. Consider that lowly, common roll of silver gray tape. It can be used to patch your sandals or fix the strap on a water bottle. A little known fact about duct tape is that each year a college scholarship is awarded to a student that makes their high school prom dress (or tuxedo) out of duct tape. Oh, but let's stick to applications of that common, linear stickiness to river purposes.

Arizona River Runner guides have it readily available, so no need for you to bring your own. Unless of course, you are hoping for one of the many bright colors they now come in. Real river rats only use silver. Let's just name a few of the most likely uses.

  • Tape over a blister rubbed by new sandals. Duct tape effectively protects your boo boos so that you can continue with your fabulous Grand Canyon adventure. Duct tape “band aids” work well for feet, hands and any other body part.

  • Tape that rip in your backpack. Or close up the hole left by a ring-tailed cat exploring your bag.
  • Re-attach the sole of your sandal to the strappy part. Repair any other "blow outs" that may have occurred.
  • Make a loop for your cup on your life jacket.
  • Repair damage to sunglasses or glasses.
  • Mend your britches.
  • Label your "Hefty trash bag" luggage. Sometimes this is your best choice when you are leaving the river.

  • Shore up your favorite hat that has served you well on your Grand Canyon trip but has suffered greatly during the week's escapades.

The applications for Duct Tape are endless. When you head out for your ARR raft trip, file this info in your brain so that when life happens, you have the limitless arsenal of duct tape as a tool to the solution of just about anything that comes your way.

"Go to the river and become whole." Unknown Author