Monday, August 23, 2010

Arizona River Runners: Pictures Rarely Capture it All

Let's assume you have just completed a multi-day Grand Canyon rafting trip with Arizona River Runners. Let's say, also, that you had a fabulous time and returned home with lots of great photos and lots of memories. You've done your laundry, perused the stack of mail and newspapers, and today is your first day back at your j-o-b.

Everybody wants to know what it was like white water rafting through the Grand Canyon. What did you do? Where did you sleep? What did you eat? Was it cold? Was it hot? Were you scared? Do you have photos?

Ah, photos. Here's your chance to show them the magnificence, the grandeur, the awesome beauty of the Grand Canyon and the things that you experienced. But your Grand Canyon rafting photos just don't capture the emotions. The photos are lacking the exhilaration of riding the troughs and crests of the white water and the feeling of your very being at the bottom of those humongous layers of rock...layer on top of layer on top of layer, as far as you could see. The sky that stretched overhead from one horizon to the other and the stars that stole into that space.

Photographs can only begin to show your friends where you have been. Your pictures are an index for the 3-D memories that you will have for the rest of your life.

Pictures rarely capture it all.

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