Thursday, August 12, 2010

Footcare 101 by Arizona River Runners

While you are on your Grand Canyon Rafting Trip, you are going to want to hike, and walk around, and scamper over rocks, and jump off stuff you never really expected.

So it's crucial that you keep your feet in good shape. Do this by (1) wear comfortable sandals/shoes. (2) Be sure that you have broken in your footwear before you get to the river. Wear your footwear around the house some to get them ready, even if they are shoes that you have worn before. (3) Bring socks in case you get a blister or sunburn that you need to protect. (4) If you need more support for hiking, bring shoes to hike in. Keep in mind that almost every hike will be in water at some point. (5) Put sunscreen on your feet. (6) Re-apply sunscreen often. (7) NEVER GO BAREFOOT (in bed maybe, but NEVER while you are upright).

Your feet are an integral part of your Grand Canyon Rafting experience. If they are a hurtin' in any way, it makes it much more difficult to do what you came to the river to do.

Have a blast! Be smart and take good care of your feet. You'll have more fun if you do, and your feet will thank you!

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