Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Arizona River Runners: Monsoon Season

Yep, it's officially Monsoon Season here in Arizona, and that means thunderstorms are likely to pour somewhere in the southwest that affects the conditions on your Grand Canyon Rafting Trip. But what does that really mean to you and your trip? We'd love to explain.

Rain anywhere in the watershed that feeds into the Grand Canyon can make side streams roar. Some canyons and hikes are to be avoided because of the danger of flash flooding. Your Arizona River Runners guides will choose your activities to fit your particular circumstances. You will explore and hike only when and where it is safe. You will see wondrous things that only happen while it's raining, lucky you!

Side streams engorged by rains often pour muddy water into the main river corridor and turn the clear, green water into chocolate milk. It's still fresh and clean, just not clear. It's still powerful, and the biggest whitewater in North America. No mistake there!

Waterfalls are born of the gift of water from the skies. Cascades of water pour from normally dry crevices. Water dances all around you on cliffs and sheer rock faces. It is truly awesome when the rain pours in the Grand Canyon.

Perhaps you will have the opportunity to sit out in the rain and love every minute of it. To be able to witness this part of nature's cycle of life. The rains quench the earth and new life is born from these times. Lucky are those of us that can be there.

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