Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Arizona River Runners: Those Brazen Ravens (say that 10 times real fast!)

Ravens are a medium-sized, common black bird. They are plentiful in the Grand Canyon on a Colorado River rafting trip, especially the spots where people visit. They are scavengers of the most skilled kind. Used to be, they waited on the rocks, sort of across the way until we campers left the beach. Then, they would swoop in and devour whatever little tidbits might be left from lunch or dinner or whatever else we rafters were obliged to have left behind for their delight.

Not so anymore. These skilled thieves can open zippers and sleuth out buried treasure in your bag. They don't even wait for everybody to leave. I've known them to swoop down and snatch a baggy, no doubt filled with important items for some unsuspecting camper. On my last trip, at camp, they opened my big bag, removed my wallet (it was shiny), and proceeded to spew my credit cards, driver’s license, and all across the sand. They even pecked at the dollar bills! We noticed the commotion from about 50 feet away, and had to sprint over to shoo them away.

They are no longer satisfied with crumbs and leftovers. They have honed their skills so that they can get into your things and do some damage. I was lucky; the aggressive thieves didn't carry away my stuff. You can learn from this and remember to keep your things under wraps until you need them.

Don’t leave your important belongings and gear near harms reach, those birds are sneaky and cunning! They want what you have, food, trinkets, toilettries… Don't encourage these brazen ravens.

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