Monday, October 18, 2010

Arizona River Runners End of the Year Party

So, we had an end-o-the-season, Arizona River Runners company party last weekend. Kind of a low key affair. Dinner and drinks....some photos (some vintage and some current)......announcements and acknowledgements and, as always, some great music--- just us jammin' in the music room upstairs.

I love this party. For me, it's sort of like Parents' Night at the University. First of all, I am old enough to be most everybody's mom, and secondly I love and adore these people that work for us. They are incredible human beings. Great characters, each and every one of them. Strong, beautiful, funny, smart, adventurous, caring, and talented. Most of them have great plans for the off season. I can now live vicariously through them.

We, at Arizona River Runners are like family. We are a gaggle, a herd, a pride and a batch. We connect, and that makes us a great company. May I be so bold as to say that I believe we....our office people, our warehouse people, our drivers and our guides.... are tops, and that is good for us, and good for you too.

We'll be back on the water, starting in April next year with renewed enthusiasm (and new jokes). We hope to see you there too. We'd like to share the wonders, the beauty, and the adventure of rafting through the Grand Canyon with you. Call us for your Arizona rafting vacation, 1-800-477--47238