Thursday, October 14, 2010

Arizona River Runners ~ The Virtues of Rafting

I first met my husband on an Arizona River Runners Grand Canyon rafting trip. So, it goes without saying that he is an outdoorsy person. I must be too, because there I was, solo (and single) embarking on this major adventure.

Through years of marriage and raising kids, we have enjoyed lots of camping, hiking and rafting. Spending time out of doors, in our minds, is one of the greatest growth opportunities. For youngsters and older folks alike, time spent with Mother Nature is time well spent. Rafting the Colorado River falls into this category.

Any time we could take our family on a river trip, we went for it. We could see our two daughters grow right before our very eyes as we experienced nature. There were lots of laughs. We played games, told stories and listened to tales. There were practical jokes and ambush attacks. We gazed at the starry, night skies and tracked the moon's path across the heavens.

Their were hardships too. Bugs, bats, sunburn, cold, rainy days. Sand gets into your sleeping bag. Sand gets into your food---ew! Critters steal your snacks, and scorpions and snakes live there. You drop your toothbrush in the sand. It's raining on my sleeping bag. These are Mother Nature's lessons. We all worked our way through anything and everything, the best we could. But we were having fun - we were actually having a blast.

The kids thrived on this. Grand Canyon rafting trips are a great way to stretch and grow for all of us at any age. It's a great place to broaden your horizons and learn new skills without a written handbook.

When conditions are good, all is good. When conditions are bad, all is still good. Rafting a river is good stuff for the whole family.

We invite your family to join ours rafting through the Grand Canyon, and experience Mother Nature like never before! Call Arizona River Runners for your whitewater rafting adventure! 1-800-477-7238