Thursday, October 7, 2010

How Dangerous is Grand Canyon Rafting with Arizona River Runners?

This is an excellent question. How adventurous or hearty or skillful or CRAZY do I need to be to raft the Grand Canyon? Do I need special skills or equipment? All excellent questions, and very easily addressed.

As you can imagine, Arizona River Runners carries insurance. Quite appropriately, companies that offer this kind of insurance study our activities and rate our risk. You will find it very calming to know that rafting in the Grand Canyon has been rated more dangerous than playing pool and less dangerous than playing golf. As you raft along, your ARR guides will make sure that you feel this way too.

You do not need to be an extreme athlete or an adventurer of the utmost. You do need to want to bask in beauty and grandeur beyond all expectations. Perhaps have a yen for discovery and exploration. The Grand Canyon will work its way into your being in a way that is unique to you. Your experience will be your very own for all time to come.

Perhaps it will be the thrill of the rapids and the tumultuous whitewater that is most memorable to you. For some, the hiking and exploring side canyons will be the best. Many, quite unexpectedly, are astounded at the comradery amongst the group. They cherish friendships that are formed in the awesome setting of the Grand Canyon. Sleeping on the beach, under the starry, starry sky might be new and memorable to your life experiences. Outstanding memories await you.

You don't need any special skills. You're not wild and crazy to want to go whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon. You don't need any special equipment to get on board a Colorado River trip. Regular people raft in the Grand Canyon all the time and you could and should be one of them.

Arizona River Runners provides most everything you need. You bring your personal things and we provide all the "stuff" and the expertise to make your rafting trip a safe and memorable occasion. Grand Canyon rafting is a vacation you can look forward to with excitement and enthusiasm, and look back upon with fondest memories.