Sunday, July 18, 2010

Libations on a Arizona River Runners Rafting Trip

Arizona River Runners is in the rafting business. We've got all the licenses and permits and prerequisites to guide you through the Grand Canyon, show you what AWESOME really means, keep you safe and to bring you home in one piece.

We do not, however, have a liquor license (I don't think any of the outfitters have a liquor license) and therefore, we do not provide alcoholic beverages. So, it's definitely a B.Y.O.B. situation. You bring what you would like to drink. We provide water (no pun intended), soda, lemonade, coffee, tea, and juice...stuff like that. You are welcome to bring the specific things that you enjoy - alcoholic or otherwise.

Here's where it gets "sticky". Let's say somebody brings lots of “whatever is their favorite beverage." It's nearly impossible to label each can or bottle but hopefully, you will not be dipping in to somebody else's things unless specifically invited. This may sound petty but if you are addicted to Dr. Pepper and everybody on the raft is drinking up your supply.... this could be a problem. Or you may not want to share your wine that you and your sweetie discovered on your honeymoon 25 years ago.

Sometimes it's hard to know what's what and whose is whose. A lot of it is supplied by Arizona River Runners for you to enjoy, but some of it might belong to a fellow rafter. Quite simply, IF IN DOUBT---- ASK.

Drinking lots of water is important. Hydration, hydration, hydration. But that is another whole topic.

On your Grand Canyon Rafting Trip, bring your favorites to drink.... don’t drink other peoples' favorites without asking.

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