Monday, September 20, 2010

Grand Canyon Rafting ~ Arizona River Runners Off Season

The end of another great summer of Grand Canyon Rafting is coming soon. Commercial use of the river, which allows public access, runs from mid April to mid October each year. Arizona River Runners' rafting adventures for 2010 will soon be over. It will officially be our off season.

Through the winter months there is plenty of activity on the Colorado River within the Grand Canyon. Research replaces vacationing. Scientists and their teams travel the river and study wildlife. They study flora. They study fish. They study the river itself; the flows, the sediments and the temperatures. National Park Service sends teams and work crews to work on the trails and beaches. There is another whole community that flourishes along the river corridor throughout the winter.

For Arizona River Runners Inc., it's time to leave the river. Winter time is when the equipment will be repaired, replaced and readied for your next Grand Canyon rafting vacation. The guides, too, leave the Grand Canyon that they love and must find worthwhile activities for the winter.

They have shown their skills as they guided many of you through the vastness of the Grand Canyon. They surely could spend their winter months employed as an Activities Director or chef. They easily could by psychiatrists, counselors or tour guides in some other venue. Perhaps they would be a camp counselor, drive an ambulance as an EMT, or be a doctor or nurse. Most could be consultants for team building or time management or perhaps a life coach. Undeniably they could be models of outdoor wear or geology professors.

In reality, our guides are... (in no particular order) students, nurse, bartender, server, ski hill groomer, river guides in faraway lands, dancer, massage therapist, carpenter, ski instructor, snowboard instructor and school teacher. Many are parents and will get to spend time with their families. For a while, some will scatter and travel all over our beautiful planet.

They are a diverse bunch and they will bring their individual personalities and capabilities back to Arizona in the spring to, once again, guide you and yours on a Grand Canyon rafting adventure of a lifetime.

All you have to do is call us at 800-477-4238. You can join the fun and be a part of the adventure. Get on a raft trip!