Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bring On The Clouds On Your Arizona River Runners Rafting Trip

Clouds take on an increased importance during your Grand Canyon Rafting Trip. They serve an array of functions; likely, functions that you've not often considered. Sometimes they are a welcomed ally. Other times they are a dark threat.

They are a dramatic addition to all your photos. High flying wisps of cirrus clouds play across your view finder. White, dense, humongous, puffy specimens of cumulus clouds make the blue of the sky even more vibrant. They hover high in the atmosphere or cling to the canyon walls around you.

Cumuli nimbus can add layers and depth to your photography. Their thick, gray mass warns you of potential rain. A deluge can create waterfalls and streams of water that have an ephemeral role in the Grand Canyon. Lucky are those that witness rain unleashed from cloudy skies.

Clouds can provide respite from the heat of the sun. On the Colorado River, drift into the shade of a cloud and enjoy the coolness there. As you hike, a cloud might offer some relief from the baking rays of the sun Clouds can shield you for a time.

Clouds likely will blow across the vast skies and enhance your experience in the Grand Canyon. There is no doubt that whatever form they choose; they will sway your surroundings. And no doubt, that having endured the varied influences of clouds you will return to your home with an awareness and appreciation of clouds that you did not have before.

Bring on the clouds. There ought to be clouds.

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