Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grand Canyon Rafting with Arizona River Runners Is Mega-Green

When you get to Lee's Ferry and are getting geared up to launch on a Grand Canyon raft trip with Arizona River Runners, you are about to be uber "green". With minimal effort on your part, Arizona River Runners makes it quite easy and quite natural for you to do your part to help save our planet.

You will be encouraged to minimize the footprint that you leave in the canyon. Your presence will be undetectable by those that follow behind you, just as you should see no traces or evidence of rafters that go before you. Side hikes and streams will remain natural and clean in every sense.

The systems that you use to cook at camp will do no harm to the beach. You will not burn indigenous wood at any time. Your trash will be collected/separated so that parts can be tossed and parts can be recycled back in Flagstaff. Everything (yes EVERYTHING) you bring into the canyon will be taken out. No trace will be left behind.

Many of the foods that you will eat are organic and raised in a humane way. The coffee is shade-grown and organic as well. The salmon you'll enjoy for dinner is wild. Even better....if your trip includes a successful fisherman, then your trout will be VERY fresh!

Mother Nature can cleanse all. We are inspired to work with the strategies that are in place naturally. The river corridor has a huge volume of water. It is the great cleanser. It is home to many fishes and plants. Wildlife abounds alongside the river....from tiny, annoying ants to impressive big-horn sheep. They co-exist in this environment. We are visitors and are responsible for our actions and how these actions affect their home. Green is good.

Go on a “green” Grand Canyon rafting trip with Arizona River Runners - it's fun and fascinating ! Call 1-800-477-4238 for your Colorado River adventure.