Monday, July 12, 2010

Arizona River Runners’ Rafts - What Are They Like?

Arizona River Runners has a pretty sweet motor rig. Our rafts are inflatable rubber tubes that are lashed to pieces of metal framework for strength and stability. An outboard motor is clamped to the back to give some guidance and propulsion. Boxes and large coolers are aboard and they contain everything. The coolers are in the very center of the rafts. The cold river constantly splashes the bottoms of the rafts. By day, they are covered by gear and by night they become the guides sleeping quarters. Storage bins are covered by 3" pads to make your seating on the boat quite comfy.

The inflatable tubes are made of many chambers so that a leak does not affect the whole raft. Each boat carries a spare motor, an air pump and lots of spare parts. River trips typically run two boats together for safety reasons as well as great photo opportunities.

There is an oval tube that forms the center of the raft and two straight tubes, one on either side, that come to a point in the front. The tip or snout of these tubes is called the "horn". It's a real rodeo up there and there are times when you can ride 'em cowboy. As a passenger, you can control how exciting you want your ride to be. There are parts of the boat that get all the excitement (water) all the time and there are places to sit that are much tamer and less wet. You can make your choice at any given time. You can change it up from time to time; even change boats from day to day. Get to know the other guides and people on the other boat.

When all the gear is packed and you're all aboard, heading down the might Colorado, the views are amazing. Our boats are built and packed so you don't have to crane your neck all day to get in the sights and sounds the canyon has to offer. You can relax back (on the gear) and gaze up into the canyon! What a difference, great views, no kinks in the neck - what more could you ask for?

Our motor rigs carry EVERYTHING you will need for your entire rafting trip. You will be amazed and thrilled as you see how it all fits together. Even the sleeping cots and chairs are on board. That's SWEET!!

So pick up the phone and call 1-800-477-7238 for your adventure of a lifetime – white water rafting through the Grand Canyon with Arizona River Runners!