Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting Aquainted in the Grand Canyon with Arizona River Runners

Maybe there are two of you going on an Arizona River Runners rafting trip. Maybe you are traveling alone (I did, on my first Grand Canyon River Trip). Maybe there are 12 of you who are best friends and family. No matter what your numbers, you are about to meet (and eat and sleep with) a whole new group of friends.

Your fellow river rats will very soon be your good pals. There's something magical about facing the unknown together. You'll conquer new territory as each others best advocates and supporters. The guides are there to ---"guide" you and help you on your journey. But you need to be an active participant in your own story. Be busy about getting acquainted. Introduce yourself and your friends and family to others that you don't know. You are all facing the same things. You have a lot of the same questions and worries.

You are about to have a fabulous week together so meet and greet one another right away. Don't waste a minute of your time being shy. There are grand things to explore in the canyon and fascinating things to discover about your fellow campers as well.

Enjoy everything about your Grand Canyon trip. Visit for your Colorado River rafting trip today!