Monday, July 5, 2010

Rafting a River Dance With Arizona River Runners

The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon is a pool-drop type river. That means that the current beginning below Glen Canyon Dam (this is officially Marble Canyon) flows smoothly until something gets in its path. That would be rocks. The water "pools" upstream from the rocks until it "drops" over. Sometimes a huge boulder may sit alone in the middle of the current or other times large deposits of debris have been washed into the main river current from a side canyon. This forms the rapids. The river "pools" serenely above the rapid, spills over to continue on and the boats drop down to the river below. None of these look anything like a waterfall. The drop in elevation slopes downward so that there is a navigable path for you and the rafts. It's thrilling. It's wet. It's powerful.

As the water level changes so, too, does the relationship between the water and the rocks. Some rapids become more exciting and dynamic when the water flow increases, while some rapids become less of a ride. On the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, water levels vary depending on the release from Glen Canyon Dam. Water is enormously powerful, rocks move around, and the rapids change. This is truly the river dance. It is a dance that every ARR guide is thrilled to share with you.

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