Thursday, January 6, 2011

Arizona River Runners ~ Helicopters, You and the Grand Canyon

Most of Arizona River Runners' Grand Canyon raft trips involve a helicopter ride. If that worries you, rest assured that there are options without the helicopter.

BUT....for those of you that have never ridden in a helicopter before, and just can't wait, many of our multi-day trips include a helicopter ride either in or out of the Grand Canyon. Yee Haa!! Let me just say that it is MEMORABLE. If you are entering the Grand Canyon, your helicopter drops into the beautiful scene. Leaving the Arizona Strip, you descend along sheer cliff faces to the powerful Colorado River from high above.

If you have launched at Lee's Ferry and spent many days and nights on the river your exit in a helicopter is no let down. You lift off the helipad and swoop across the river. All the time you are climbing the steep and tight canyon walls. At last you clear the cliffs and the horizons expand before your very eyes.

Your helicopter ride, whether dropping in or climbing out, is an experience to savor. Bring your camera!

Arizona River Runners offers a variety of Colorado River rafting trips. Call us to book your Grand Canyon whitewater rafting trip at 1-800-477-4238!