Thursday, January 20, 2011

Silence that is Deafening ~ Arizona River Runners

When is the last time that you sat quietly? Perhaps last Sunday or during a moment of tragedy for our country? Silence is difficult to come by in our busy lives. We are hurrying here and there. We are hustling to get everything done. Our "to do" list is never ending.

As you float on the calm water stretches of the Colorado River you will have time to quiet everything. In the presence of the Grand Canyon you can be still and gaze upon magnificence. Perhaps you’ll see a flower in bloom. Its life is short but present for you to see. Perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of a Big Horn sheep scrambling easily over the tortuous rocks. You may be lucky enough to watch a Bald Eagle in flight; its majesty and power on display. You never know what you may see or hear rafting through the Grand Canyon.

Consider yourself a teensy speck compared to the vastness around you. The walls of the Grand Canyon rise majestically and climb to the sky. Lose yourself in the clouds as they take control of the sky and race to the horizon.

You can feel, taste and hear the silence. It is powerful. It is deafening. It is waiting quietly for you.

Are you ready to lose yourself on a Grand Canyon raft trip? Arizona River Runners would love to help. Call 1-800-477-7238 for a calm, quiet, life changing river rafting adventure.