Monday, January 17, 2011

Celebrate in the Grand Canyon with Arizona River Runners

I was lucky enough to celebrate my 50th birthday on an Arizona River Runners raft trip in the Grand Canyon with a bunch of friends along with some new friends. Even though my birthday is not in the summer, my hubby and I decided we would try to get some friends to come along and we would celebrate my birthday on the river at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. So we picked the date for the whitewater raft trip and then sent out invitations. It was PYOW (you know...Pay Your Own Way). Some friends signed on, we invited a guitarist we met on a cruise and there you have it. It was a fabulous week in a spectacular place. It's great to go whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon without a special occasion to celebrate, but with a week to toast my birthday it was an unprecedented joy.

I've celebrated others' anniversaries, birthdays and miscellaneous achievements at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. There have been specialty cakes baked in the Dutch oven or candles or some rousing round of toasts and songs to commemorate special days. One night after dinner, we were served an anniversary cake, warm from the Dutch oven. It was 2 layers of chocolate cake oozing raspberry preserves in the middle. There I was with warm, dark cake in my 2 cupped hands, the heck do I actually eat this?

What will you celebrate in the Grand Canyon? Maybe your first anniversary, or your 25th, a birthday, a milestone of some other kind - the publishing of your first book, your promotion, 5 years cancer-free or 3 years sober.

Life is a “Grand” parade. Celebrate with Arizona River Runners in the grandest of places...The Grand Canyon.

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