Monday, January 3, 2011

"Into the Wild" of the Grand Canyon ~ Arizona River Runners

Have you seen the movie "Into the Wild" directed by Sean Penn? It came out a few years ago and is a true story about a young man that graduates from college, chooses to shirk his parental connections and expectations, and strike out to explore life. Part of his exploring takes place on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon which is quite entertaining.

Here's the really fun part. This kid meets an old hippy couple and travels with them for a while. The "old hippy guy" just happens to be a Grand Canyon/Flagstaff guy. He was initially working as support for the filming in the Grand Canyon and they realized he was perfect for the part of the hippy dude. So, they talked him into playing the part and he was actually very good. I doubt they had to put makeup on him or change his clothing because the part he plays is exactly the way he is in real life.....a genuine old hippy dude.....a real throwback to the 70's. He probably didn't even need any acting lessons or coaching for this part.

If you haven't seen "Into the Wild" definitely go rent it, stream it, etc. Even without knowing Brian Dierker personally, you will enjoy the movie. It's about life's choices and risks, and being present in your own existence.

Do you ever just want to go "into the wild?" Hike in the Grand Canyon? Raft the Colorado River? Experience nature in its truest form? Arizona River Runners has been around since 1970, and we can take you there. Whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon is an experience you will never forget, but will want to do over and over! Call us at 1-800-477-7238 for your Arizona rafting vacation!