Monday, January 10, 2011

Coffee in the Grand Canyon on an Arizona River Runners' Rafting Trip

Do you typically start your day with a steaming hot cup of coffee? Being on a Grand Canyon rafting trip with Arizona River Runners won't interfere with this. Each and every morning the first thing to be prepared in the kitchen is coffee. You can roll out of your sleeping bag and crawl to the kitchen in your pj's if you'd like. The coffee is brewed fresh first thing each morning. Add your favorites...milk, sugar, honey, hot chocolate mix (my personal favorite), sweetener, whatever way you like. You've got choices how you'd like to start your day. If you prefer hot tea, that's available too, even just juice!

So, if you are a dedicated coffee drinker, you have nothing to worry about on your Grand Canyon raft trip. Arizona River Runners has you covered. We want you to be happy. We know you'll be happy rafting with ARR.

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